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"1955"     1955 Chevrolet Bel Air

Introduction / Overview:

Very low key, mild looking car at first glance.  The nose is just a little up and the fenderwell headers give a hint that there is more to this car.  I think the look is pure hot rod, but many people have called my car a sleeper.

Drivetrain: The engine is a  350 SBC ZZ4 block and heads modified to a full roller motor.  It's topped by a 2X4 Edelbrock Air Gap manifold and carbs with progressive linkage.  The cam is the GM "Hot Cam" that comes as a kit with 1.6 aluminum roller rocker arms.  It's not a magical high horsepower set up - but should be bullit proof.  It made 370 hp and 420 ft/lbs on the dyno.  The trans is a Tremec 5 speed with a Centerforce clutch inside a McLeod scatter shield.  It's got a custom cut 9 inch Ford rear end that is an inch shorter on each side.  That one inch per side makes tire changes much easer!  The center section of the rear is a Strange Engineering Pro nodular iron case with Detroit TrueTrac posi.  There's a custom made aluminum driveshaft too. 

The chassis is mostly stock.  I've added slightly taller front springs and ball joint spacers to allow the front to sit up a bit more.  After the car wheel hopped so badly that it bent my leaf springs I added Caltrac bars, new leaf springs and Rancho 9000 shocks.

Wheels and Tires: The front wheels are the stock 15X5 steels and the rear are 15X7 80's Caprice steel wheels that have been cut and reversed.  BFG Silvertowns for rubber.
Body & Paint:

It's a true Belair sedan (not a 210 or 150 with belair trim) with all the factory type chrome.  I'm not sure what color of red is on the car.  The data plate says it should be black with ivory.

Interioir: This is the part of the car I like least.  It's serviceable but fairly lame.  Someday some kind of white tuck and roll?
Lifestyles: Old-School, Hot Rodder, H.A.M.B.