1958 Chevy Apache – Brand New?

1958 Chevy Apache – 5 miles, never sold…

Imagine this…

1958 Chevy Apache, chevy trucks

The truck has just over 5 miles on the ODO! For some reason, the truck was never, ever sold. I think what that means, it was never even offered for sale thanks to a fluke that is the Lambrecht Chevy Auto Auction.


Get some details on what’s happening at the Lambrecht Chevy Auto Auction here.

1958 Chevy Apache, chevy trucks


The details are, it’s a 1958 Chevrolet Apache 31 Series 1/2 ton Pickup. As listed in the auction, the truck is NEW! OK, well, hard to say new, but it was purchased Ray Lambrecht for Lambrecht Chevrolet Company, but never sold. It’s been run in the last year, so how bad can it be… the only thing really wrong with this orginal straight six, four speed on the floor truck is the bed wood needs replaced and the there’s some rust here and there.


I guess sitting outside, unprotected in Nebraska will do that after 55 years! Talk about a SURVIVOR!


Want to own it? Get more details and you’ve got until 9/27 to buy it here:

1958 Chevy Apache


Being Sold AS IS and NO RESERVE. For more info and other auctions www.vanderbrinkauctions.com or 605-201-7005.


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