1960 Ford Falcon: 2 Days to Go – Getting Hooked Up

Homebuilt Ford Falcon by Greasegirl #10

ford falcon, 1960 ford falcon, greasegirl

Although many things are coming together – it seems like there’s an endless list still to do! Some last parts still needed cleaned and painted  today amidst our putting everything back on. While it’s a little disappointing to see that pretty engine bay getting covered up in wires and tubes…it means that sooner or later we’ll have a functional car!

ford falcon inline six

While it may look like there’s not all that much progress from last night, there is! Suspension and brakes are almost in, all the linkages are hooked up (the most important part), and now we just have to keep pressing forward!

I’m keeping this one short, because I was…

In the Garage Until: 3:17am (Kristin who has to go to work in the AM), Ethan… still working

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