1960 Ford Falcon: 9 Days to Go – Masking

Homebuilt Ford Falcon by Greasegirl #3

Last night, we finished prep on the engine bay and started masking. With 9 days to go until Mooneyes Xmas Show, we completely masked off the rest of the car – as the engine bay and hood are the only thing we’re painting. Our 1960 Ford Falcon still wears its original white paint which is in pretty good condition. The hood however, appears to have been replaced and looked ugly with just white primer on it. The ugly hood combined with having the engine out is why this whole paint job began. I’ve chosen a metallic-suede Hot Rod Flatz paint in a contrasting color for the task (you’ll just have to wait and see!)

After masking the car, we didn’t want to apply primer that we’d be smelling all night while we slept. So instead Ethan turned back to cleaning suspension parts and taking apart the brakes while I shined the grill and headlight rings. I’d finished shining the grill with 0000 steel wool and was considering turning in for bed a little early when I remembered the hood. If Ethan planned on applying primer while I was away at work tomorrow, I wanted the hood to be done then too.

I’d already sanded and done some bodywork on the top of the hood with my car club the other weekend, but the bottom hadn’t been touched. Before primering the bottom of Falcon’s hood it needed sanded, cleaned, and rust-treated. So I set to work in a flurry to get that done in time for bed – I discovered that when sanding, being in a hurry kind of helped. I worked methodically, keeping track of what area I’d covered – and when my hand was tired and wanted to rest, I just plowed on through. Bedtime got set back more then I would have liked, but it’s a small price to pay. As an added bonus…the longer I stayed working in the garage, the longer Ethan did!

In the Garage Until: 1:03am

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