1960 Ford Falcon: 10 Days to Go – Engine Bay

Homebuilt Ford Falcon by Greasegirl #2

ford falcon, 1960 ford falcon

The goal for tonight was to wash and clean the engine bay, apply rust remover where needed, and mask for paint. With a sudsy bucket of cleanser, I went to work while Ethan began cleaning suspension parts.

ford falcon, falcon engine compartment

It’s amazing when you’ve done so much sanding and scraping – that you’ll still find more! After I’d gone over the entire engine bay with cleanser followed by water – then dried and air-dried it – my husband came along and pointed out a couple of areas that I’d missed. Grrrrr! I went back over those after giving him a scowl. After one more wash and dry I moved on to the rust remover.

Ford falcon, prep for paint

Only small bits of rust are left, mostly hiding in corners. Bedtime was approaching, so the only masking that was accomplished was the holes in the firewall…but I’d say we reached our goal tonight. 9 more days to go!


In the Garage Until: 11:36pm

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