1960 Ford Falcon: Time’s Up

Homebuilt Ford Falcon by Greasegirl #12

1960 Falcon, Ford Falcon

Last night Ethan and I stayed up all night working on the Falcon – I’ve never spent so much back-to-back time in the garage! When it came time when we  were supposed to leave, we talked about quitting -but we were so close! We’d already added springs, shocks, distributor, belt, custom brake lines, fuel line, wiring, brakes, primed the engine, and were working to put back the front fenders and body.

Ford Falcon, 1960 Falcon project

We continued working nearly 5 hours past the time initially scheduled to leave. Exhausted and delirious, it became obvious that there was still a good amount of time that needed to be spent checking over the car if we wanted to insure its safety before hitting the road. Knowing that we didn’t want to take that risk – nor miss the entire day of Mooneyes…we decided to call it quits for the day and Kristin drove her 1955 Studebaker to the show.

Greasegirl, greasegirl's studebaker

Although we were both disappointed by falling short of our goal of having Falcon ready for Mooneyes – we’re thankful for the fun we’ve had, how well we’ve worked together, and everything we were able to accomplish in just 10 short days. The journey doesn’t end here! We’ll be sharing again just as soon as Falcon gets roadworthy.

And now, at 8:19 pm, after being awake for too-long-to-remember, I’m signing-off and going to bed.

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