1965 Tiki Suburban – Perfect Theme Execution

Custom 1965 Chevy Suburban

1965 Chevy Suburban,  Custom suburban



MyRideisMe.com is happy to have 680 members now, including this bad 1965 Chevy Suburban owned by Cameron and Debbie Day from Austin, TX. This is another well done “shop truck” for their hot rod parts business House O Speed. They have created a GREAT garage already even though they just joined. Their garage is a great example of how you can show detailed pics of the interior, engine and exterior of your ride in an organized way. You don’t need to insert pics in an email to show a buddy what you’re up to on your ride, just send them over to your MyRideisMe.com garage and you’re all set!


Cam says, this is Ratiki. It began life as an Arizona based 1965Problem Child Kustom Illustration Chevy Suburban built by my friends and I from the ground up over the span of five years. The concept was Cam’s, that existed as ideas, a few magazine pics and some sketches. Cam then turned to my buddy Brian Stupski from Problem Child Kustoms to render the truck. Brian kindly referred the Day’s over cause he knows I’ve got a weak spot (or maybe a screw loose) for wagons. Somehow, this truck really winds my clock.


Shrunken Head in the Tiki SuburbanCheck out the really cool details shown in the concept drawing Brian did. The Nomad-like paint laid out by Cam and a friend is dead on. The way they’ve changed colors and used color up and over the body line makes me want to do something similar with my Falcon Wagon Project. Brian’s been talking to me about how to make that happen, but I just can’t see it yet. That’s why I don’t get paid to design cars. (wish I did!)


Before I go any further, I want to quote from Cam’s original concept: “I’d borrow liberally from Chevy Nomad exteriors and Woody interiors, with a West Coast surf vibe. My goal was to make my Suburban look as if it was driven off a new car lot in ’65 and straight into a sixties era custom shop. Suppose George Barris, Gene Winfield, Larry Watson, or Von Dutch had been enlisted to do a mild customization based on the afore mentioned goals.” Now check out what follows…


Surfing thru the rest of the Day’s garage the interior gallery shows of some wicked cool details that follow the tiki them. I especially like the shrunken head hanging from the rear view mirror and the bamboo headliner and dash tricks. Then in the exterior gallery, you can see the totally custom tiki grill and roof rack and then dig the way all of the pinstriping has a tiki flavor. That’s just great execution! When you pick a theme, then make a plan and make it happen, this is the fresh and unique look that’s possible. Next thing you know, you’re featured in Classic Truck Magazine (July 2007). I really dig this truck and welcome the Day’s with open arms. Now we just need some pics of the 29 A Roadster this rig tows around. Cam, we’re waiting!


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