2008 Goodguys Scottsdale – Just a teaser…

Gasser style Chevy II Super Sport

Wait till you see the crazy lace paint on this gasser-style 66 Super Sport.

If you’re a Cali hot rodder or maybe even a Texan heavy into nose up A/FX drag cars, then you probably missed the 2008 Goodguys Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, AZ. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! The dedicated staff of MyRideisMe.com (Paul Swansen, Erick Anderson and myself) took over 1000 pictures. This is just a taste of the photos and stories coming out soon at MyRideisMe.com. Please check back for updates!

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(click on any of these pics to see them full size. It’s Vivazoom!)

Wicked cool 29 Ford Sedan from Oklahoma

This cool sedan from Oklahoma won a Street Rodder Top 10

Mod Top on a Mopar

Ever heard of a Mod top on a Mopar? I'll do some research and fill you in on this crazy top that was once a factory option.

Cool custom touches at Goodguys

I shot all the tricks I saw from the best custom builders out there. These shots will be in a special photo gallery

Custom, home built, hot trucks debuting at Goodguys

My buddy Darren and his wife Erin finished this sweet 57 Chevy Pickup just in time to debut it at 2008 Goodguys Scottsdale

Twin Blower Model T - Outrageous!

I've got video of this wild T bucket sporting almost 600 cubes and two blowers!

Story about this Crazy!! T-bucket now posted: Twin Huffer T-bucket

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