2010 America’s Most Beautiful Roadster?

AMBR-2010 America's Most Beautiful Roadster- 1933 ford, Possessed

Here it is! America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, or the AMBR award as it’s known.  The AMBR is easily one of the top awards in the country and this year drew 10 roadsters to competition.

2010’s AMBR winner is a 1933 Ford, or loosely based on that design, and is owned by Mike and Dianne Dingman.  The car was called, “Possessed” and was built by Scott’s Hot Rods, a shop that built another America’s Most Beautiful Roadster winner back in 2008. (2008 AMBR Story)

Beyond that, you know what?  Not much to say.  This is one of only a couple pictures we took of the car for a couple reasons:

First off, it was tough getting decent pictures.

AMBR Trophy at GNRSOn Friday, during our media happy hour and right into the time when the public crowds started rolling in, the Scott’s guys were busy setting up the car and the display.  Sure, there were chances to get shots of dudes busily wiping stuff down and placing the display panels, but there’s only so much you can photoshop. (We did get one “interesting” video, but that’s being saved for the, “how to ruin a video at a car show” tirade.)

On Saturday, thankfully, the GNRS crew let us in early to take pics without the cars mobbed with onlookers. Saturday was PACKED with people and great “outdoor” show cars. Too bad Saturday’s breakfast was more of the same… Scott’s guys doing the cleaning that’s part of the show, but also tightening up the leaking rear axle and wiping up the lube we saw dripping out before we left Friday.  Some carefully placed Mardi Gras beads below where the drip was looked like cheap insurance just in case the drip returned.  This Autoweek Story reports all the last minute troubles they overcame to make it to the show.

Then second, the car just didn’t do it for me. Didn’t turn my crank, wind my clock, whatever.

Before I sound like a hater, let’s say what the car was:

  • Amazingly detailed! The polished-to-perfection chrome was near blinding
  • Displayed best.  They had the only rotating display which helped the wide-mouthed onlookers see every point adding modification. The Mardi Gras dolls looked messy, but were spot on the theme.
  • Built by guys who could build anything. The Scott’s crew could have put in a full kitchen (with sink) if they wanted to and it would have fit perfectly
  • Finally, it’s the AMBR winner, so what do I know?

I’m a hot rod guy, so a few other cars (tomorrow’s post) fit me alot better. And if I had to say one thing I didn’t like about Possessed, I’ll always dislike chrome rotors! I’m stupid, but that just bugs me. I guess it’d score points in the show, great, but for me it just shows complete disdain for hot rods and driven cars of all kinds.

Enough of my whining, I’d love your feedback!  For or against this car as America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, leave a comment below.

Past Winners from the Grand National Roadster Show

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