2011 Grand National Roadster Show – First Favorites

Hot Rods and Custom Cars at 2011 GNRS in Pomona, CA

2011 Grand National Roadster Show, Hot Rods, custom cars, custom Pickup

Day 2 of the “Grand-daddy of them all” the 2011 Grand National Roadster Show is done. This post shows just a few of my favorite shots from the show and gives a cross-section of the extremely wide array of custom rides.

Above is the Hinkles Hot Rods amazing show truck. The gold paint lit up the main hall!

2011 Grand National Roadster Show, Suede Palace, Hot Rods, custom hot rod pickup

Sticking with hot rod pickups, my friend Jim from the Throttle Kings completely transformed his truck! Last time I saw it, it wore suede paint and a pinstriped spade that covered the entire door.  Now, shiny paint and a bunch more chrome later, Jim’s inside the Grand National Roadster Show’s Suede Palace.

2011 Grand National Roadster Show, Suede Palace, Hemi hot rod, early hemi

This early hemi powered 1926 bodied pickup struck a menacing stance.  Everything about this hot rod says fast. The show card read like a history book of speed starting with drag racing from 1958 to 1961 at famed tracks like Bakersfiled, Lions, Pomona, Fontana and San Gabe.

2011 Grand National Roadster Show, 1955 Chevy Custom, 55 Chevy Bel Air, Austin Speed Shop

Dan Peterson’s “El Gringo Loco” had to be one of my favorites. Built by Austin Speed Shop with a one-of-a-kind interior done by Fat Lucky’s, this 1955 Chevy Bel Air nailed every detail perfectly.

2011 Grand National Roadster Show, custom bicycle, custom bike cruiser

Skip shifting from 2nd to high, dig this… The GNRS has a little something for everyone, including motorcyles and these ridiculously cool bicycles! Look closely and you’ll see an IPOD holder in the headlight. Detail and paint on the these bikes rival the AMBR contending cars.

2011 Grand National Roadster Show, 1959 Impala Lowrider, custom lowrider

Like every year, the lowriders at Grand National Roadster Show make a statement. I’m not sure I’ve got the camera skills to capture the bumper to bumper, slick details and intricate custom paint show on every lowrider at the show. Agostino Onorato’s “59 Times” Chevy Impala had it all going, including a trick display.

2011 Grand National Roadster Show, custom cars, kustom car

It might only be possible in SoCal to assemble so many great cars indoors, then fill every extra space outside with more bitch’n customs. Cali’s perfect weather helps too!

Hot Rod Artist, Steve Stanford, hot rod illustrator, hot rod designerChicken Scratch from master Steve Stanford

Finally, I’ll tease for an upcoming story… Dwayne Vance assembled 13 top hot rod and custom car artists like Steve Stanford for his first book, “Masters of Chicken Scratch”. In the book, Dwayne introduces all the artist, shows their style and gives a few tips on how they draw, including video’s. The book’s great for anyone into car design.  Coming in about March 2011, Masters of Chicken Scratch 2 will be available featuring 12 more great artists.  Check back in for more details very soon.

How’d I do on the photo’s so far?  Any car you’re looking for pics of?

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