2012 Bonneville Speed Week – Hot Rods in Wendover

Failed Bonneville Hot Rod Take-over at the Nugget

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What do I mean failed? Well, compared to shows at the Nugget years ago, this one was a bust.


First off, it’s been raining on and off since we rolled into Wendover. It’d be easy to say that the show was small because of the weather, but my buddy Keith kept saying, “Well, the cars have to be parked somewhere!” For me, I kept snapping photos. If you see a blurry spot on a pic, it was mother nature’s fault.



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Looking closer, we noticed most of the parking along the casino was blocked off. The normal parking spots along the road were filled with the first-come-first-served hot rods, but as new roadsters and heavily chopped coupes rolled in, they found nowhere to park. I bugged the casino manager, “What gives?” He explained that after the show last year where there were too many cars and too many people, the fire marshall shut them down. Sorry, I call BS. I think it’s more likely that the casino’s management blocked off more hot rods from filling their parking lot because 1) They were causing people to hang out outside instead of going inside to gamble and 2) The show attendees were enjoying their own drinks (even a high rev’ing margarita maker) and not buying drinks from the casino. Whaa.


So… the car’s weren’t covered by salt – a glorious site – there weren’t very many anyway and it was raining. That, unfortunately is a fail.


There were a few bright spots.


bonneville speed week, bonneville hot rods,  nugget car show


Check out Nick Hoesing’s newly finished roadster.Nick and his uncle rode out from Omaha, Nebraska, all without a support car! He did have HAMB buddies ready to lend a hand, but still – that’s confidence in your work and some cajones. That’s Nick with the big smile on his face! (Click on any picture to see it full size)
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Then, adding some fine detail to the 5-window coupe above, dig the detailed side steering, safety wire work and is that nickel plating? It loked great from every angle.


wendover car show, bonneville hot rods,  nugget car show


Then, I really liked these two. This slammed and sleek pickup turned alot of heads:


bonneville hot rod, wendover car show, hot rod pickup


And this drop tank racer looked ready for the salt except for those tires. Dig the massive horsepower!


bonneville racing, bonneville race cars,  nugget car show


Wrapping things up with this pic:


2012 bonneville speed week, hot rods  nugget car show


Records WILL fall, but only if the rain doesn’t. Can’t wait for tomorrow.


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