2013 Detroit Autorama – Voyles’ Faves from Detroit

Detroit Autorama Favorites – Chris Voyles Picks

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Who’s Chris Voyles? He’s the dude with the GIANT camera hustling around the Detroit Autorama so you can enjoy what we saw from your computers and phones.

I recruited Chris to help me with photos and get his favorites from his first year at the Detroit Autorama. Here’s what he thought… He’s shy so let him know if he screwed this up. We might be able to shame him into a reply?

Also see Chris’ picks for Ridler Contenders that weren’t.

Words and pictures by Chris Voyles: (High quality pictures!! Click to see full size)

Walking around the 2013 Detroit Autorama, I made note of the cars I considered my favorites. Just some very nice rides that made me take notice and click a few extra shots.

1968 Dodge Charger R/T:

1968 Dodge Charger, charger R/T, hot rod dodge1968 Dodge Charger, charger R/T, hot rod dodge

I grew up around cars as a kid and by far this is the car I want most of all! See, my Dad had 1968 Charger R/T very close to this one here, minus the Hemi motor. His was also red with a black top but had a 440 4 speed in it. He sold it back in 1972, unfortunately. I’ve done everything I can to try and track the car down to see if it still exists, but without knowing the VIN, that’s pretty much impossible. So when I see 1968 Charger R/T in this color combo I’m drawn to it like a magnet!

This Beautiful Dodge Charger has the big elephant 426 Hemi motor hooked to a 727 Torque Flight trans and 3:55 gear out back. Now my Dad’s Charger had Hubcaps on it, but this one has the chrome magnum 500’s with redline tires -which is just the icing on the cake for me.

1932 Ford “Deuce Coupe”:

1932 deuce coupe, 1932 Ford Hot Rod 1932 deuce coupe, 1932 Hot Rod

Fred & Patti Warren brought this cool 1932 deuce coupe dubbed “Work In Progress” to the show. The car was designed by Jimmy Smith out of Phoenix AZ (of Jimmy’s Hot Rod Design fame). This is a one off, hand built steel body by Walden Speed Shop. They installed a full tube roll cage into the coupe. A Chevy LS-3 Vette engine makes this car move out. Suspension is independent on all four corners. I love the finish on this car and it makes me just want to drive it everywhere.

1955 Chevy Nomad:

cars from 1955, 55 chevy pictures, 1955 chevy nomad station wagoncars from 1955, 55 chevy pictures, 1955 chevy nomad station wagon

This 1955 Chevy Nomad “Triple Nickel” just grabs your attention from across the show floor. From the Viper blue paint to the light grey leather interior I really like this car. Packing a 555 cubic inch motor by Pat Musi, 5 speed Tremec trans, Nitto 555 extreme performance tires and a chassis serial number of 555 you can see it was easy for them to figure out a name for this car.

1969 Chevy RS Z/28 Camaro:

black 1969 camaro, pictures of 1969 camaros, 1969 camaro picturesblack 1969 camaro, pictures of 1969 camaros, 1969 camaro pictures

This was one nicely put together 1969 RS Z/28 Camaro. It featured wicked black paint with very tastefully done ghost flames in the front. Plenty of power under the hood in the form of a 582 with Kinsler fuel injection. The interior had a JL audio system with navigation and back up camera.  Such a beautiful car.

1933 Ford:

1933 Ford Sedan, 1933 ford, 33 hot rod1933 Ford Sedan, 1933 ford, 33 hot rod

“The Gold Digger” is the 2010 Ridler Award winner and just a fantastic car. I love the color and stance on this car. Owned by Tammy Ray and built by Ted Thomas it was part of the “Past Ridler” display area. Tammy owns a actual gold mine and even incorporated real 1/2 oz gold nuggets into the rear suspension and 1 oz nuggets valve covers. It’s an incredible car!

1966 Dodge Deora II:

dodge deora, deora ii, dodge deora 2dodge deora, deora ii, dodge deora 2

Ridler Award winner back in 1967 is the Dodge Deora II. I am very familiar with this car or is it a truck? I grew up like most of us playing with Hot Wheels as a kid and I had a few of the Deora’s in my collection. Only thing missing off of this one is a pair of surfboards on the back deck area. Super cool concept vehicle! You can’t imagine how wild the front entry is in person. See the swing away steering?

1969 Camaro Drag Car:

black 1969 camaro, pictures of 1969 camaros, 1969 camaro picturesblack 1969 camaro, pictures of 1969 camaros, 1969 camaro pictures

If it goes fast I love it and this 1969 Camaro does that! Not only does this car win at the track it also has won best engineered at the Pittsburgh Autorama and best in class at the 2013 Detroit Autorama. The 2000 plus horsepower comes from a monster cubic inch big block boosted by an F3R ProCharger and a full Aeromotive belt-drive fuel system. The car lives up to its name: “Sick Seconds” and has time slips to prove it. Our other AZ based hot rod design friend Brian Stupski had a hand in this beast. You can find him at ProblemChildKustoms.com

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