A Great Start – Concept Drawings

Check out the art and design of MyRideisMe.com member Brian Stupski of Problem Child Kustoms

If you’re like me, before you even purchase a car, you’ve made the plan in your head. After buying the car, the next step is usually trying to find the parts you need to start building your dream, but that’s not how big time builders do it… their next step is always a concept illustration ala Chip Foose on Overhauln’. When your dream takes shape on paper, you’re miles ahead to getting what you want… You’ve got a real plan. That’s where Brian at Problem Child Kustoms comes in. How sweet is this illustration!

This car concept drawing has been updated! Click here.

A-100 Dayton drag race concept

Brian’s a hot rod and custom car designer that actually builds HIS dreams when time allows. He grew up on the standard Hot Rod and Car Craft magazines and got the drawing bug from MAD Magazine (Mort Drucker’s his hero) and from CARtoons magazines. Now, after hard work refining his skills, Brian’s been published in the mags he grew up reading like: Hot Rod Magazine, Street Trucks and Custom Rodder, not to mention a bunch of graphic design, website design, t-shirts and logo work. He’s proud to be showing his backside to the doubters he met along the way that said he won’t go anywhere drawing cars!

Here’s an illustration of the sick Project Panther. It’s a hybrid Camaro and Nova spliced together made just for Brian. Look for this one soon…

Blend of a Camaro and Nova for the Panther Concept car

So take a look at Brian’s website and the work Problem Child Kustoms has done. You’d be surprised to find that his illustrations are very reasonable and after you’re done, you can hang it on your wall!

He’ll do a one view sketch all the way to routing your brake lines, all from the illustration.

Brian’s a member at MyRideisMe.com and has used his garage to showcase the work he’s done. Here’s a link to his garage. If you’re also an artist, please feel free to post your work and use the garage as an online portfolio with links to your page. Thanks to Brian for being a great friend to MyRideisMe.com! I’m trying to slip into his schedule to do a concept for my 61 Rambler American Wagon. Watch for that one too!

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