America’s Best Hot Rod – Ridler or AMBR? Choose and Win

What Custom Car Show has the TOP Hot Rod? auto meter

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I believe:

  1. The Ridler Award – handed out at the Detroit Autorama in Feb/March
  2. America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) award – handed out in January at the Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS)

Are the most prestigious car show awards a hot rod or custom car can win. I suspect few, if any, will disagree.

Well do ya? Let’s talk about it!

To settle the score and to check-the-pulse of readers, I’ve arranged a detailed look at past Ridler and AMBR winners RIGHT HERE. Take yourself back a few years, then answer:

Which car show presents the best hot rod or custom?

Taken year by year, side by side… pick one! Then at the end of this post, cast your vote and you’ll have a chance to win the Auto Meter Gauges. (Click on any picture for a larger, closer look.) I’m also posting links to the contenders (called, “Great 8” in Detroit) for each award for the last 3 years.

I have my favorites, what’s yours?

hot rod roadster, 1927 Track t,detroit Autorama Ridler winner, GNRS AMBR winner2013 Detroit Autorama, Ridler Award Winner
Ah yes. Kelly Brown’s 1927 Track T Roadster. Since they changed the rules for the AMBR, it’s hard to vote against the chosen winner. Then, here’s the 2013 Ridler Winner: A 1940 Ford that’s is truly deserving and was the consensus favorite with my friends. To help cast your vote, take a look at the 2013 AMBR Contenders.

Update! The 2013 Ridler Winner and the 2013 “Great 8” Ridler Contenders shown in 32 pictures!

2010 Ridler Winner & 2010 AMBR Winner

hot rod sedan, gold digger,detroit Autorama Ridler winner, GNRS AMBR winnerhot rod roadster,detroit Autorama Ridler winner, GNRS AMBR winner
Starting back in 2010, “Gold Digger” won the Ridler Award in Detroit. Then, over on the west coast, a custom, but 1933 Ford Roadster-like, hot rod named “Possessed” won the AMBR. The AMBR win was quickly followed by some controversy (scroll down to the comments). The AMBR judging rules changed the very next year. Coincidence? Side by side, which would you choose? (keep track of either AMBR or Ridler)

Need more details? 2010 Ridler “Great 8” and 2010 AMBR Contenders

2011 Ridler Winner & 2011 AMBR Winner

1956 Ford Sunliner Convertible,detroit Autorama Ridler winner, GNRS AMBR winnerhot rod roadster,detroit Autorama Ridler winner, GNRS AMBR winner
Next is 2011… this one’s much harder!! On the left is a stunning 1956 Ford Sunliner Convertible featuring a highly detailed 427 SOHC motor – that’s why it was called the “Suncammer”. From California’s show, my buddy Doug from Squeeg’s Kustoms brought a beautiful black and brushed stainless roadster in from Arizona. Coolest thing is, I’ve seen it on the road and it’s no trailer queen! Once again, choose your favorite as the best hot rod or custom car for 2011. In this case, do you like the style or the build? (Remember you choice, either AMBR or Ridler)

Get a closer look at the trends of 2011: 2011 Ridler “Great 8” and 2011 AMBR Contenders

2012 Ridler Winner & 2012 AMBR Winner

1955 Ford Thunderbird,detroit Autorama Ridler winner, GNRS AMBR winnerhot rod roadster, 1927 Track t, socal pomona,detroit Autorama Ridler winner, GNRS AMBR winner
Which brings us to 2012. Again… a very, very tough decision! Detroit’s Ridler award is not restricted to roadsters only. Like the name implies, “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” can only be a legitimate roadster! The Ridler’s open to any car as long as it’s never been shown at a car show before. (And they stick to it!) So you see here, two very different hot rods.

On the left is the Peace family’s 1955 Ford Thunderbird. Without a closer look, you’ll miss all the details… nearly everything’s customized, right down to the 1000 HP+ twin turbo motor! Then on the right, the AMBR winner is an Indianapolis 500 inspired 1927 Ford Roadster built at the SoCal Speed Shop in Pomona, CA. Both are fabulous creations… so how will you choose? (Once again, AMBR or Ridler?)

Here’s the best of 2012: 2012 Ridler “Great 8” and 2012 AMBR Contenders

OK… Decision time!

What car show, over the last 3 years, showed the best hot rod or custom car? Cast your vote in a comment below and you can win the Auto Meter Gauges.

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