2013 Ridler Winner – Classic Hot Rod ’40 Ford Wins

2013 Ridler Award Winner: 1940 Ford

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The Results are in!

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The 2013 was a tough competition!

After talking to just about everyone I knew… I think the consensus pick is the winner. This 1940 Ford is outstanding top to bottom, and as owner Ron Cizek told me, “It’s too bad the car’s not displayed upside down!” You can check the detail pictures in the gallery below. I overheard it’s the same/similar setup as the unbelievable 2007 Ridler Award winner, a 1936 Ford called, “First Love”.

hot rod 40 ford, hot rod ford, 2013 ridler winner

Just my opinion, the paint, by Charlie Hutton, and the gold accents just set it off. There literally was no other car like it, and to win the Ridler Award, there shouldn’t be. I’m happy to have shot it Sunday morning without the HUGE crowds in the Cobo Center, especially with the hood down. It’s even more impressive!

Hats off to all the other Ridler Contenders. As always, there’ll be some discussion, dissention and plain-old calls of bullshit! But… from my point of view, this classic hot rod ’40 Ford was the winner.

ridler winner, 2013 ridler award winner, 1940 ford coupe

I’ll do my best to contact the owner and builder and get the skinny on the build like I did for the 2012 Ridler Winner as soon as I can. Hope you enjoy all the photos from 2013 Detroit Autorama!

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Did your favorite win? Like the show coverage? Let us know… it feels good to hear it!

Found a great video made by the builder, Cal Auto Creation (no website that I’ve found). Can you believe this is their first build as a company? Builder Andy Leach is no stranger to high end builds though…

Cal Auto Creations – Checkered Past from producer Turnpost at Vimeo

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