Auctions America Features 65 Falcon Wagon with a Dream

Ford Falcon 2 Door Wagon – Can you see the vision?

1965 Ford Falcon Wagon, falcon wagon, two door

See it? No? Fine, I’ll help with your future hot rod vision…

What do you see? Junky old Falcon wagon? That’s it? Notice it’s a 2 door? That’s much more desirable to most… what else? It’s very straight, I can’t see any cancerous rust from 6 feet away. Anything else? Yea! It’s complete! From this pic, this would be a car I’d like to see and know more about.

And you can!

This low mileage dreamer is for sale Sept 21-22 by Auctions America at their Bennett Collection Auction in Rollinsford, NH.

I imagine that we’ve still got a few non-believers. Fine… take this!

1965 Ford Falcon Wagon, restored falcon wagon,two door wagon

Same car, I think it’s even the same color. The only difference (you can’t see) is this one’s an original V8 car. But look how plain this baby is! No side trim at all, just like the un-optioned beauty in the first picture.  I wrote about this Falcon and called the story: When Bone Stock Marries Plain Jane – it’s a completely, and near perfectly, restored 1965 Falcon wagon done by a chrome restoration specialist named Norm.

Yea, I’m into Falcons and especially Falcon wagons. To see how much, follow along with the build of my own  1963 Falcon wagon project.

Still can’t see it? Well maybe you don’t want to. The cool thing about the Bennett Collection Auction is the projects available! Maybe you’re looking for something more exotic? How about a Lamborghini project? Or how about an old Maserati project? Or even a 1978 Ferarri 308 GTS Project?

Only at can you find a 65 Falcon wagon in a story with Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari.


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