Bone Stock Marries Plain Jane: Falcon Wagon

Ford Falcon 1965 Falcon Wagon restored bone stocker at Cruisin-for-a-cure-2009All right then, I’m a wagon freak. You could even say I’m a Ford Falcon wagon freak. I’ve written before about the problems I have (Extra W Chromosome) and the 63 Falcon wagon project I’m re-doing. I’ve learned to live with those issues and I’m doing my best in the hot rod society. But then I saw this totally clean 1965 Falcon wagon owned by Norm Huie of San Clemente, CA at the Cruisin for a Cure Show.

More precisely, it’s a ’65 Ford Falcon 2 door wagon in the original Prairie Bronze paint. It’d get boring if I kept saying original since Norm’s taken great pains to restore his wagon back to 99% stock himself.

Ford Falcon 1965 Falcon Wagon restored bone stocker with optional V8 and power steering1965 Falcon Wagon restored bone stocker rare factory cargo light

Norm’s always been into Falcons but chose this odd-ball 65 because it was the last year of this model.  I say odd because it’s a 2 door, no-doubt more desirable than the mor-door cousin I own. Then, it’s got the factory V8 another plus, but from there, this car is plain-jane! It’s a non-Deluxe, non-anything car but it does have power steering and power brakes and a rare cargo light inside near the tailgate. Odd right?

Otherwise, the interior on Norm’s wagon is totally correct, but a taste boring compared to the Futura or Deluxe models, but hey, it’s correct! Notice it doesn’t even have a horn ring!

Ford falcon 1965 Falcon Wagon restored bone stocker dashFord Falcon 1965 Falcon Wagon restored bone stocker - plain door panels

You’ll be hard pressed to find another Falcon with better bright work and trim. That’s because Norm owns an automotive trim restoration shop called “Shine on Me” at Every part from the dash insert to the bumpers and grille are perfectly straight and so bright they looked better than new to me, but Norm assured me, that’s how they should look. It’s too bad there’s not more trim to shine up!

Nice meeting you Norm!

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