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I’ve wanted to write a few blogs for a while. One of them is about the cool Falcons at already. I take a personal interest since I’ve got one of them even though it might be for sale before too long. You know what they say about having too many projects… I know, you can never, but in this case, I might punt so I can do some work on my Rambler Wagon.

So, if you’re a fellow Falcon Fanatic, (Craig’s about to be clever) a Bird of Prey Beholder or Carnivorous Bird Custodian, dig these rides.

First is the 62 mor-dor from garvinzoom. This car is rolling proof that a 4 door can be cool and that high-def Coolosity you doesn’t have to break the bank. The original 170 inline six and two speed auto ride in the factory but lowered chassis with 13″ skinny whites on blacksteel rims. The body has primer with the trim holes filled, reverse lights shaved and fuel cap moved inside trunk. The interiors a self described “Crappy but clean”.

62 falcon

The next Falcon is the killer square bodied vert, one of many owned by my buddy Rob known as Mr. Freeze. Rob’s got some pics of the Falcon when he got it and is pretty much an expert on making cars right on the cheap by doing most work himself and finding quality places that don’t charge a fortune for the stuff he doesn’t want to do. Nuff said, look:

1964 Falcon convertible

Then comes my favorite! The Falcon wagon… There’s something wrong with wagon dudes like me. I think there’s a W chromosome missing or something? If you’re like me, then you’ll dig the project falconizer_62 has going. Along with the killer Mustangs he’s done, the roof on this wagon had to be completely replaced due to rust. I love where he’s going with this, it’s like a template for my wagon. Check it out and read the BLOG in his garage.

62 Falcon Wagon

Then, if one righteous Falcon ain’t enough, here’s Rob’s other… a 62 Wagon Deluxe V8 on bags… oh, and it’s a 2 door! Alots folks can’t do the 4 doors, but really, you gotta go with what’s available. The 2 doors are harder to find and obviously, that means more money. Still, this car sits just right and get’s my wagon wheels rolling.

62 deluxe wagon

Bringing up the rear for wagons is mine. It’s “blue Craig” cause that’s what my kids named it. I’ve got plans to paint it blue one of these days and that’s all it takes with my boys. This thing is very rough around the edges, but to me, holds high potential. If it weren’t for my other projects still needing love and attention (translate… MONEY) I’d keep her. Who knows, when I get the starter replaced, I’ll probably lose all common sense and hang on for the ride.

63 Falcon Wagon

Not to slight my man Mike though, here’s one last Falcon… A Ranchero that’s as clean as they come. Mike and Rob have teamed up on several Falcon builds. He’s got a Comet wagon almost done. I hope he shares soon…


For more on my Falcon wagon above, check it out: 1963 Ford Falcon Wagon Build


Ok, but tastes like Chicken? You tell me.