Best of from the 2013 LA Roadster Show

The Random Best of – Ahhh… you were sick of engine pics

Well, I’ve done “Best of” for engines at the LA Roadster Show the last couple years. You didn’t want that again did ya? Well here are those stories, just in case: 2011 Best engine and 2010 Best Engines


Otherwise, here are a few random, “Best of’s” from the 2013 LA Roadster Show.


custom shift knob,2013 LA Roadster Show

If you were a Genie, wouldn't you like to ride in a hot rod? Gotta be the coolest shift knob at the show!



custom pedal car,2013 LA Roadster Show

Dude was OUT COLD! But it was late in the day and his pops probably had him up early to hit the swap. WIN for the coolest pedal car, maybe on the planet.



six carb intake,2013 LA Roadster Show

This is "best of" for a great way to take a self portrait, OK, six of them, but also cause I know my buddy Victor Bustamante bent the miles of aluminum tubing to make this happen... Super-cool coupe owned by Chris Martin



swept back windshield, austin healy,2013 LA Roadster Show

Winner for "Best of" idea for a slick, idea for my roadster. Wouldn't this be cool on a Bonneville-leaning, mostly traditional roadster?



custom gauge wiring,2013 LA Roadster Show

Winner for "best patients"!! Dig the meticulous layout and finish of the wiring for the gauges on this coupe. Well done sir!



coby's van, econoline van,2013 LA Roadster Show

Best use of a flat-as-hell panel on the Econoline van built by Coby from "Church". This truck's a winner from any angle.



,2013 LA Roadster Show

Multiple winner. Best use of mustache and best grilling pose at the LA Roadster Show!! Do it Mike!



Throttle kings,2013 LA Roadster Show

Winner of, best reason to come back to LA Roadster Show every year: Party with the Throttle Kings. Great friends for life! Thanks guys!!

Until next year! If you’ve got some “best of” shots I missed, let me know. I’d love to see them. Email to moc.emsiedirymnull@RAL.