Gasser Rambler Wagon – Thought I was the Only Crazy

Gasser Rambler – Four Door Baddess!

Feast your eyes on this beauty spotted at the LA Roadster Show.

gasser, gasser wars, gasser wagon, drag racing


Yea, I thought I was the only one crazy enough to dream about a 4-door wagon built as a gasser. While I dreamed about it, this person (be happy to publish your name if I knew it) actually built it, then had it for sale in the swap area. Pure madness! I love it!! (Dig the super long ladder bars showing here!)


gasser, gasser wars, gasser wagon, drag racing


From the other side. You see the only (small) flaw in the as-found patina of this Rambler Ambassador “Super”. I’ll say! (Can someone verify the year for me?) I dig the way the flaked helmet is reflecting on the front wheel. Dream yourself behind the wheel… on the track or rolling through your neighborhood with neighbors shaking their heads and kids running for cover!


So I said I dreamed it and my buddy Joel drew it for me! This bad boy’s still sitting on the side of my house waiting for it’s turn. My friends will tell you, don’t hold your breath! One day, some incarnation of a nasty Rambler wagon will appear on the streets with me behind the wheel!

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Here’s a link to the story about Rambler Wagons including this drawing. Are you crazy too? Tell me you don’t dig this! And please send me an email to get a custom drawing like this of your vision. Email pikesan