Car Interior 101- Redoing a Classic Car

Grease Girl,Studebaker Hot Rod
Happy 2010!! Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get down to business! And for Grease Girl that means giving you more of what I originally set out for…to help the beginning car person get involved in the garage! While I hope my Studebaker wish list will provide the topics for some great how-to articles over the coming months, I’ve got a few tech how-to’s up my sleeve already.

Next to mechanics, paint is priority for most. However its my opinion that interior is more important, particularly if its a daily driver. Far more hours are spent sitting on the inside than viewing the paint outside, right!?! So what better place to start this year off than with the very first job I tackled on my Studebaker – the interior!

Get ready for a whole series of articles this month on redoing your classic car’s interior. Before jumping in, I thought I’d start with a few tips from a pro. Luis Loyola was kind enough to have me over to his shop, Loyola Auto Interiors, and share with us some terrific expert advice.

So sit down, relax, and get ready to get to work!