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Old Car Interior Restoration, car interiors

One of the first jobs I did on my 1955 Studebaker was restoring the car’s interior. Even though I didn’t know what I was doing – I had a pretty good sewing background and figured I could handle it. As it turned out, it was a terrific first job for me. I had a lot of fun, met some challenges, and learned along the way. I’ve since had the chance to learn a few secrets and have been looking forward to another car interior restoration.

Well…the time is here. When I picked out the materials to use in my Stude, I knew they weren’t very sturdy but I didn’t really care. A few years of daily wear later, my driver’s seat-back has been torn to shreds.

Before embarking on this next car restoration adventure, I thought I’d ask for your opinion. Car shows are great places to look for what you like and might want to incorporate into your own project. So that’s just what I did. While trying to keep my head on straight while looking at all the amazing customs at the Long Beach Motorama, I grabbed some shots of various car interiors.

Some are simple, some are classy, some are over-the-top. You be the judge – what do you think would look best in my lovely  Studebaker hot rod? Be sure to leave your answer in the poll below!

Custom Car Upholstery, car interiors, custom car restoration

This custom tuck and roll job is both simple and unique! I love its clean lines.

Auto Upholstery Custom, car interiors, custom car interior

It doesn’t get much more over-the-top than this! Swivel front seats and a customized center console with drink holders and an old skool car phone inluded!

Interior Upholstery Mild Custom, car interior

My Studebaker’s front bench seat is significantly larger than this tiny trucks – but its got an interesting combination of tuck and roll and I particularly like the metallic bits in the black!

Vintage Auto Interior, car interior, tuck and roll upholstery

A classic tuck and roll combination. I like that the tuck and roll continues onto the door panels.

Horizontal Tuck and Roll, car interior, custom upholstery

A unique twist on tuck and roll – take it horizontal!

Custom Car Interior, car interior, custom car restoration

Horizontal – vertical – this custom wouldn’t settle for just one! The shiny on matte black-on-black is a nice combination.

Simple Car Upholstery, car interior

It doesn’t get much simpler then this – anybody ready for a picnic?

Unique Car Interior, car interior, custom upholstery

I always said I wanted my car seats to feel like a couch – this would do the trick, don’t you think?

Car Interior Example, car interior, custom upholstery

Another interesting tuck and roll combination. The subtle fabric white-on-white pattern in the insets is a nice touch too.

Wild Hot Rod Interior, car interior, custom car restoration

What every old car needs! A furry wool covered curved back seat and an asymmetrical center console with radio controls in the back…where’s the disco ball?

Classy Car Interior, car interior, custom car restoration

Sometimes its hard to be unique and classy at the same time -but I think this interior has hit it on the nose. Horizontal tuck and roll in the center and a square quilted pattern in the middle that’s continued in the door panels. Top notch!

Original Studebaker Interior, car interior

This is the one picture that wasn’t at the Motorama – this golden beauty was inside a Studebaker Hawk at Studebaker Parts and Service in Long Beach. I think it may be the original upholstery. While most pictures included here I’m mainly looking at the patterns and not the colors…on this one I love the gold and think something of this color could look really nice in Stude!

What do you think? Be sure to leave your vote below! Thinking of redoing your own car interior? Check out the before-you-start suggestions given by my pal Luis at Loyola Auto Interiors in this GreaseGirl video – 5 Things To Consider Before Tackling Your Car’s Interior.

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