CNTA, Cal-Neva Timing Association Reunion

I just got off the phone with Glenn Stephenson, founder and official torch holder for the CNTA or California, Nevada Timing Association. This drag racing club was founded in 1939 and met at the track for club races continuously until about 1970 when the popularity of professional drag racing made it tough for the hobbyists to compete.

Glenn is a long time friend of my Pops. I wanted to let all the CNTA members know this reunion’s happening cause as Glenn said, “Since the 1999 reunion, those guys are all dying, so this might be the last one!”

The details are this:

March 15th, 2008

at the Richmond Rod & Gun Club in Richmond, CA

For any other info, you should contact Glenn Stephenson or his wife Karen at 510-237-4238.

I took notes the best I could and I hope to get more info from the reunion from Pops and his buddy Harry, but to fill you in on a few details, the CNTA was a group of racers that had an organized schedule of where they’d run. They’d rotate tracks, Baylands in Fremont, Cotati, Vaca Valley, Half Moon Bay, Fallon in Nevada, all over Norcal and Nevada. It was a great deal for the track owners cause they’d have about 40 more racers show up when CNTA was in town. The members would race the locals and each other for the track’s prizes, usually a trophy or if you won a few times, a jacket and for points withing the CNTA. Points would be awarded for winning, setting records and even for traveling the longest distance to the race. At the end of the year, the top guys would get a club jacket and a plaque. I can tell you for certain that my Pops treasures his jacket and his plaque from those days.

Pure Hell Fuel Altered Dale Emery Driving

I could hear in Glenn’s voice that he was proud of the CNTA and the things they’d accomplished. Well, not all of the things! (he did mention trying to bury my dad head first in the sand…)

Some of the old CNTA members you might still know (or should know!)

How about Wayne Torkelson? I had never made the connection when I saw his bad to the bone Pro-mod Thunderbird racing. Always a Thunderbird!

And there’s Butch Blair, long time drag racer and pilot of the Fugowie front engine dragster.

And do a search for CNTA member Dale Emery and you’re bound to find another member, Rich Guasco of Pure Hell fame. This picture shows Dale Emory at the wheel. (Thank you for the image.) That’s some pretty good company that Glenn’s hoping will all attend, some from as far away as Ohio, Texas good old Arizona and all over California and Nevada.

Please spread the word about the reunion so these guys can talk about all the good times, one more time. Thanks!!

(and while you’re here, why not join It’s free!)