Dad’s Old Dodge – 1965 Dodge D200

Custom 1965 Dodge D200 Truck at Goodguys

This blog is well over due, but oh well. I need help writing these things, so if you’re a struggling writer or just a car/bike freak with some extra time, why not give this a try?

So here’s Mike and Luz Wilson’s 1965 Dodge D200. I met Mike at the Scottsdale Goodguys show when the sun was setting. I caught a couple good photos that I wanted to share.

Custom Truck, 1965 Dodge D200, 1965 dodge truck

This truck is ultra clean and straight as an arrow and these pictures show it. Who’s ever even seen one of these? Mike told me that the military and forest service were the ones buying up these trucks for a tough life, so the haven’t survived well. Mike worked at Norman King Dodge back in ’65 and since his pops needed a truck, the deal was made. I could have been Mike’s plan all along to get the truck, but he had to wait 30 years before his dad was ready to let it go.

Here’s another D200: ICON 1965 D200 Crew Cab at SEMA 2012

The engine is a late model Hemi backed by a modern automatic trans put together by our friend from The Drag’n Wagon, Mark Greenwell. From here, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. This old work truck’s come a long way since carrying a camper for his dad. With the work Mike’s done, 30 years from now, this will still be a truck worth the wait.

img_5616.jpg1965 Dodge D200, 1965 dodge truck1965 Dodge D200, 1965 dodge truck1965 dodge truck

Hot Rod Dodge Pickup, dodge d200, 1965 Dodge D200

Pops had a sweet old truck!