The Wifes Mild Custom ’65 Crown Imperial

Custom Car 1965 Crown Imperial Sedan

What does a hot rod shop owner’s wife drive?  It’s gotta have some purple and lace right?  Even some fur… Even though its a ladies ride, I think you dudes out there will dig as well.

Lace paintwork, 1965 Crown Imperial, Mild Custom

This is Julie’s 1965 Crown Imperial custom.  Julie is married to Scotty Birdsall, owner of Chuckles Garage.  If you missed the story on his ride, click this link, ’62 Ford Falcon Straight Axle Gasser.

1965 Mild Custom, Crown Imperial, Chuckles Garage

This 1965 Crown Imperial (alot of folks call it a Chrysler, but Crown was its own entity at the time) is definitely My Ride is Me.  Let’s see why…

Custom, slammed, Crown Imperial, Chuckles Garage

You can see it certainly fits in as a “Mild Custom” build.  There’s not alot of mods other than a super crazy paint job, some suspension work, a groovy fur dash (it is a lady’s ride remember!) and some 600-15 wide whitewalls.  When the goal is to personalize your classic machine, those are simple and effective touches.

1960's, Mild Custom, Crown Imperial

Here’s the face of a not-often seen 60’s classic luxury sedan.  I can’t say I’ve seen one of these before, but I like the mid 60’s era Detroit designs.  To me this car is the perfect mix between late 50’s flair and 60’s edginess.  Look at the front bumper.  It has just a hint of the late 50’s big bumpers, but its definitely been toned down.  Stick with rockin’ round headlights, but now they’re encased in a square housing.  The rear fenders also have a miniature fin sticking out of the middle of it.

1965 Custom, Crown Imperial, custom paint, lace paint, burple

The Paint is a black base with candy burple and blue candy over the top with 3 sizes of flake. The lace is another shade of candy blue with gallons upon gallons of clear dumped over the car.  The sides are black with tiny bits of blue flake thrown in for effect. The paint looks like you could actually swim in it.

1965, Custom, Crown Imperial, custom paint work

Look at that lace work.  I’ve seen about half a dozen lace paint jobs in person and every time I just stare at ’em.  I wonder how the heck they do that.  Work of art!

Mild Custom, Crown Imperial, air suspension

Scotty says about the power setup, “It’s powered by a 413 and an auto tranny getting about 7 mpg…Take that you hippie dippie Prius owners!”

That’s awesome Scotty and Julie.  Love the Crown.  This is what I love about this hobby called hot rodding.  We each have our own likes and dislikes, we all have different budgets (or lack thereof), there’s so many different makes and models to choose from.  Even if the mods are simple, if you’re able to achieve a finished car that is unique to you and your style and puts a smile on your face, then you have successfully hot rodded your car.

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