Diecast Drags in Mesa – For the Kids

MyRideisMe.com Diecast Drags DecalMost times it seems like nobody’d notice anyway, but I’ve been slacking on blog writing lately cause I’m working on my Diecast Drags track. I posted about it in the discussion forum. Did you see it?

The Diecast Drags, or some might say, “Hot Wheels” track is brought to you MyRideisMe.com and supporting the Progeria Research Foundation (http://www.Progeriaresearch.org)

The track is 2 continuous lanes that measure 50 feet! I roll it up when I’m done. The entire track lifted off the ground on a support platform to give a gradual decent and super high speeds! Racing will feature an electronic finish line and a “Christmas tree” start that gives an edge to the better reaction time. This promises to be more fun than Pinewood derby racing because it’s easier to get started and the fastest car might not always win!

hot_wheels_diecast_drags_mesa_arizona_1Of course from the trial run 2/21 at the local, “Cruise in” called the “Mesa Pavilions” at Power and Hampton (Kmart parking lot) the kids could care less about the start! They just want to see who won and the small jump we had setup at the finish line!

The official race will be held on Saturday 2/28 as part of the “Home Runs, Hot Dogs and Hot Rods” car show. Lance Baker at Hotrodplanet.com (now gone) is running that show. All the info you need to know about the show is at Hotrodplanet.com. There are no less than 4 car shows happening that weekend, but none of them have a cruise planned for after! Mesa is hosting a cruise to support local businesses (so bring and empty stomach) on the 4th Saturday of every month. The show starts at 11AM right in downtown at Center and Main streets and the cruise will start about 5PM. So even if you attend another show, make it back to Mesa for the cruise.

hot_wheels_diecast_drags_mesa_arizonaThe racing action will be, “Free with donation” for all the racers. With each donation, you’ll get 1 Hot Wheel and as many trial runs and races as I can fit in. I’m hoping for $5/person and 100 people/racers to give $500 to the Progeria Foundation. I’d like everyone to know that 100% of the money will be donated.

For more info, I’ve already got a poster and some informational fliers about Progeria. I learned that Chip Foose’s younger sister died of Progeria before most people even knew what Progeria was. Amy Foose’s story of courage was deeply sad yet encouraging and hopeful at the same time. I was inspired to help and will make the donation on behalf of Terry Foose, Chip’s mom, at her fund raising site: First Giving for Progeria Research

Racing on 2/28 will run 12 AM-2PM for kids and at 2-4 for adults (depending on participation). Prizes will include 1 unopened case of Hot Wheels donated by www.Hotrodartbook.com and a gift card (or more!) to build your own custom ride from www.Ridemakerz.com. I’m hoping to add more prizes so more friendly car folks will race and/or donate to this super worthy cause.

Any questions or to make a donation yourself, please contact Craig Pike at moc.emsiedirymnull@nasekip or for information about the show and “Main Street” cruise that will follow, go to Hotrodplanet.com (now gone).

I hope you enjoy these few pictures, the kids sure did! If you’ll be racing, leave a comment telling me how many kids. Also, if you’d like to make a donation to Progeria but can’t make it to the show, please go to: Terry Foose’s website