Donahoe Racing in Trouble?

What started as a few Off road drivers posting concerns about service on their Donahoe Racing products allegedly is a much bigger story!

A friend of mine showed me this post from POST LINK

A forum member named DJSSniper posted the Riverside, California District Court notes from Monday, 12/17/2007 for the Honorable Stephen G. Larzon. Here’s that link: Link to court notes If you scroll down to item #20 you’ll see the notes for:

USA vs. William Kreag Donahoe for two counts: 1) Distribution of Child Pornography and 2) Possession of Child Pornography

W-W-W-What? Child Porn?

Speculation at the forums then indicated that Donahoe Racing had closed it doors, however, I found a few posts that appear to be from current Donahoe Employees that say they are only restructuring. Here’s the post from from DRDylan who is shown as Dylan Evans, an R&D Engineer at Donahoe Racing: POST


DRDylan then posts again and a reply is made by a person who is shown as Mike Crosby, the National Sales Manager for Donahoe Racing. That post was found at : POST


Is it him?

Nobody wants to believe a story like this, especially about a racing enthusiast as well known as Donahoe. Their are reasons to be skeptical. For example, the Donahoe Racing Website spells the president’s name as “Kreg Donahoe”, but the court record indicates “William Kreag Donahoe”. Different spellings plus his first name is William. But, we also know that Kreg’s dad was known as “Wild Bill” so it’s not a stretch to think he’s named after his dad.

I will keep an eye on this story and report it based on the information I have. Please don’t make any conclusions about Donahoe Racing’s products or the company until more facts are revealed.

If there are other Donahoe employees or people who know, with verifiable facts, please post them as comments.

The forum Pirate 4×4 has some more information about this story. Someone posted a summary of the entire Kreg Donahoe case, including a copy of his signature on the court papers. Here’s the post: CLICK HERE