Ford Falcon Gas Cap- Could it be in a Worse Place?

Ford Falcon Gas Door Relocation – No More Gas Cap

1963 Ford Falcon, ford falcon wagon, falcon gas door

As I continue to fill you in on the progress of my 1963 Ford Falcon wagon build/restoration/customization/marathon, feel free to follow along here:  1963 Ford Falcon Wagon Build

I had someone ask me about what I did on the gas filler door on my 63 Falcon Wagon after seeing it painted. Here’s the update on that…

Could there have been a worse place to put the factory filler tube?

The filler was relocated on my 63 Falcon Wagon before I bought it, up onto the top of the rear quarter panel. The original owner shaped a piece of sheetmetal, then threw a hinge on it with a cabinet “pop-lock” thing to keep it shut. It looked bad… lots of bondo and for some reason, the door opened “suicide” or the hinge was on the back. I was afraid it’d pop up at speed. See below.

1963 Falcon wagon, ford falcon, falcon gas door

Rather than try to fix what was there, I searched around and when I had the body work done (one of the only things the guy did well) I had this pop-up filler installed. The filler screws in, then you push and give it a quarter turn and it stays in. It’s from the Roadster Shop. Here’s a link: … up-gas-cap

Now, all I have to do is run a passenger side chrome molding (long piece cause there’s no gas cap over there) on the driver’s side too and the gas filler was “never there”. (you can see that in the picture above too)

1963 Ford Falcon, ford falcon wagon, falcon gas door

What do you think?

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