Metal Flake How-to Complete FAIL

My Friend Made it Look Easy! Custom Metal Flake

Looking for help with: How to setup a Harbor Freight paint gun for shooting flake. Please email me.


At car shows, especially the good ones in California, you’ll see some stellar custom metal flake paint… like the shot below from the NorCal Knockout, the custom paint of all types is well represented.


custom paint, custom paint job, metal flake roof, candy paint

This is the roof of the 1959 Lincoln (pretty sure on the year) shown above. Rainbow flake with lace and darker flake fade. This car was a show stopper and won best of show.

See some amazing examples in this story: Custom Metal Flake Paint


After observing, and of course digging the look and appreciating the skill, I wanted to try it for myself. Then, my buddy Joel helped me customize a severely worn out plastic trim piece for my 1963 Falcon Wagon. Here’s that piece:


custom paint, custom metal flake paint, ford falcon

Came out cool, right? I need to do a how-to on that one cause it was a success.


I watched Joel do it, looked easy. Soooo… I tried it myself.

Step 1: Base coat of gold


custom paint, custom metal flake, gold flake

Why the oil pan? Cause if I screwed it up, nobody'd know!


Step 2: FAIL!

custom paint, gold flake painting

No sparkle, no dance... No matter what I did, I couldn't get the flake to come out of the gun! Then, the flake that did stick, it laid flat. AHHHHHH!!! On the plus side, with all the waste I dumped out, I have the most bitchin' wheelbarrow.


So let’s hear it… what’d I do wrong? Anyone willing to show me how it’s done in a good story with a few pictures, please get in touch: Email pikesan


I’m especially looking for stories about how to set-up a gun for spraying flake, and something like, a “first timer’s guide to spraying flake and candy”


Thanks for sharing my failure! Tell a friend…


Every story I’ve written about my Falcon build can be found here: 1963 Ford Falcon Wagon Build