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I wish I could draw cars.  I was decent when I was young, but now I’m useless.  Ryan Hadden of Hadden Hot Rod Shop is a car nut who digs drawing cars too.  His own hot rod, a ’54 “Plain Lorraine” F-100 pickup was featured in a blog where Andy Kawahara painted a “shop truck” door logo.  If you missed that, check it out HERE.  Ryan has helped friends visualize their hot rod projects by sketching their custom car and hot rod ideas.  You may have seen his work in the Andy’s US Forest Service Truck feature.

US Forest Service Shop Truck car drawing

Such a cool shop truck idea.  Ryan captured it perfectly in his sketch above and Andy built it to spec.

When choosing an artist to sketch your hot rod, there are many options.  The two biggest differences I see is an artist who uses pencil/marker and paper and the artist who uses a computer.  There are also differences in price.  There’s artists out there to fit anyone’s budget.

1961 Apache truck car drawing

This is Andy Kawahara’s other hot rod truck (I see a theme here), a 1961 Apache done up in a Mild Custom look.  I’m really diggin’ the white walls and how they accent with the white top and tonneau cover.  I hope you can build it to look like that man!

1959 El Camino custom car sketch

Dig this crazy Camino!  The cool part about sketching cars is you can get crazy and creative.  This looks rad!  What do you guys think?

1947 Orange Chevy custom hot rod car drawing

Sweet!  Check that grille and louvered hood.  I love these post WWII cars!

"Better Idea" Delivery Pro street car drawing

Here’s a cool delivery pro-street hot rod Ryan calls “Better Idea”.

Hope you liked these sketches by Ryan.  You can see more of his sketches and photography on the Hadden Hot Rod Shop Blog. You can contact him through his blog or email him HERE if you’re interested in having him sketch your hot rod ideas.

Ryan and I are working on a Hot Rod Sketch Tutorial, a step by step look at Ryan’s drawings with one of my crazy car ideas with a certain late model Japanese grocery getter.  Stay tuned!


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