Jeem’s BUGGY LOVE – Now You Can Own it

Hot Rod Designer Sets the Look of Dune Buggy-love!


I don’t normally post cars for sale, but Jimmy’s a good friend and GREAT hot rod designer. So… when he tried his hand at a dune buggy (and pretty much set off a mini-dune-buggy craze here in Phoenix) I had to see it!


It was at the Goodguys show first, the “FISHBONE” featuring custom paint and trick pinstriping to match. Want to know more about what’s going on in the head of hot rod designer Jimmy Smith? Take a look at these stories featuring Jimmy’s Designs


Or, you can own his dune buggy!

“I’ve always loved the whole, late 60’s-early 70’s California lifestyle thing. I was a child of that era, so things like skateboards, dune buggies and hot rods have been on my mind since pretty much day one! Of all the impractical types of cars out there, dune buggies rate right up there, thing is, while they may not be great for hauling groceries or going to business meetings with, what they do deliver are smiles. Climb into one, and the stupid grin starts right away. Fire it off and that grin turns into broad smile, slip it into gear and man(!)…. Anyway, I always knew I’d like to build and drive one, well I have and it is/was everything I thought it would be, however, there are still many other cars I’d like to build before I punch out and so it goes, the buggy needs a new owner!”


  • Licensed and street driven
  • 1956 beetle pan… shortened
  • Narrowed and rebuilt front end
  • All new brakes
  • Custom 70’s tech roll cage
  • 40 HP engine with lots of chrome and aluminum goodies
  • Stock early transaxle
  • Unknown MYSTERY body
  • Stripped the body of two old paint jobs, salvaged the original lime green metalflake gelcoat, added variegated gold leaf lettering and pinstriping.
  • Thick ‘glass body is in tremendous shape
  • Glass buckets and custom tonneau cover
  • Comes with tow-bar
  • Comes with spun aluminum spindle mount wheels (one needs repair)


Runs good, turns on a dime, stops great!


Needs T.L.C.:

  • CARB



To see more of Jimmy’s work and make a great new friend, head over to his Facebook Page.