May Pinup of the Month – Sabina Kelley

Hot Rod Pinup Sabina Kelly

Sabina Kelly, pinup model, sexy, tatoo, blond, hot rods
Photo by Shannon Brooke

Standing tall at 5’10” at the top of the pinup modeling ranks (or close to it!) is May’s Pinup of the Month, Sabina Kelley.

Close up with Hot Rod pinup Sabina Kelly

Sabina Kelley the pinup can be seen all over in magazines and calendars, but she’s reaching beyond now modeling internationally, in TV and music videos, too. She’s been modeling for 10 years now, so there’s not much she hasn’t done in front of the camera.

So much more than a pretty face, she’s a professionally trained dancer as well with ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and pointe (you know, on the tip of your toes…) dancing on her resume.  She started as a ballerina in a small town but her talent and long flowing gorgeous-ness soon took her to Sin City where she performed as a showgirl in “Jubilee” for over 2 years at Ballys Hotel.  It’s no surprise then that she’s training for her own burlesque dance show to debut soon. (we’ll watch for it!)

Sabina Kelly, pinup model, sexy, tatoo, blond, hot rods

After alot of trying and help from friend and fellow Pinup Heidi Van Horne, I finally caught up with Sabina and asked her a few questions.  Here’s what she said:

In case you didn’t know, Sabina’s opened her own tattoo shop called Bombshell Tattoo Parlor. I said, Why the tattoo shop? Are you an artist or just a big fan of tatoos? My husband and I own two tattoo shops. One is Staytrue Tattoo Parlor ( and the other one is Bombshell Tattoo Parlor. I also own a laser tattoo removal business called Bombshell Tattoo Removal ( My husband is a tattoo artist, and I only do tattoo removal. They are both equally busy.

Pinup Sabina Kelly's 1965 ImpalaHave you always been into cars? Why the 65 Impala? Is it your daily driver? How is it My Ride is Me? Yes, I have always been into cars. I model with a lot of hot rods and really like hot rods, but my love is for lowriders. My 65′ Impala is not my daily driver. It could be, but I do not have air conditioning in it yet, and with it being up to 120 degrees in Vegas in the summer, that is no good for a baby in the car. I love my Impala. She is a good car, super stylish, is always turning heads, but needs alot of attention, and is a hard worker. Which I guess is kinda like me. Ha ha. She runs in the cold winter and the hot summer. Right now my car is a tourqoise color, but I am going to paint her soon a sparkly pink, plus it will make her different. I have never seen a 65′ Impala like mine that is sparkly pink. That way my husband will not want to drive her anymore.

Sabina Kelly, pinup model, sexy, tatoo, blond, hot rods

Sabina’s own bio says it best: “Sabina is a model, business women, wife and mother, and she manages to do it all with grace and style.” No doubt.

We’ve loaded several Sabina Kelley Pinup pictures in the pinup gallery so take a look. We’ll add more any time Sabina’s kind enough to share them. Make sure to leave a comment below and let Sabina know you care…

Sabina and I would like to thank the photographers represented here and in the gallery: Ama Lea, Brian Brown, MichelleXStar, Shannon Brooke, Eric Ita, Viva Van Story,  and Reinaldo Robinson.

Find Sabina Kelley here at  Sabina’s Homepage and you can follow her every Twitter tweet here.

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