More Salt Please – Speed Week 2010

Bonneville Speed Week 2010 1st Race Day

Speed Week 2010, Bonneville salt flats, Studebaker

“Just Glad to be Here” is the name of this bad 1953 Studebaker running in B/BGCC or B engine, Blown Gas Competition Coupe and I think owner/driver Loyd Huffman speaks for all of us. Speed Week rocks.

From bright and early, GreaseGirl sped over to the track to catch the good morning light of Sunrise on the Salt Flats. I wasn’t far behind.

Speed Week 2010, Bonneville Salt Flats, streamliner

Arriving at the salt I found this sleeping giant of the land speed racing world. The “Speed Demon” owned by Poteet and Main. Salt Flat visitors lucky enough to stay all week may see this 299 cu in streamliner run over 400mph.

Speed Week 2010, Bonneville Salt Flats, streamliner

While we’re talking streamliners, take a look inside “The Flower of Scotland”. These guys must have registered late because they’re not in the program. I do know they’re running I/BFS or I engine size, blown fuel streamliner. The I-engine class is only 46-61 cu. in or more likely a motorcycle engine displacing less than 1 litre!

Speed Week 2010, Bonneville Salt Flats, Competition Coupe

How about this! Taking practically the entire alphabet with their race class, VF/CCXF which I think is a 4-cylinder Ford Flathead. It sounded great! Watch for video soon. Don’tcha love these long nosed coupes!

Speed Week 2010, Bonneville Salt Flats, roadster

I caught this shot over on the “Combination” course. The salt was good enough this year to make the normally “short” (at 5 miles long) course both long and short. Usually, the long course is only for cars proven to run over 175mph. I listened confused as my new friend and starter Doug Howard kept saying, “Long car” and “Short car”. I thought, “Doug’s loopy from too much sun, this car’s longer than the last one!” But… he was talking about how long the car would run. I caught Doug midway in his “You’re on!” signal.

That’s a XO/STR or XO engined (usually inline engines and quite often inline six GMC’s) street roadster shown with Doug. The six’s make a distinct tone not mistaken for a V8. Bajurin and Swansborough own this fine XO example chasing a 153mph record.

Speed Week 2010, Bonneville Salt Flats, four cylinder

While we’re talking unusual engines, ever seen one of these? It’s half a Pontiac 389 with a blower thrown on for good measure. Look for more on this Jeep racer owned by Roger Manson (no relation) of Burnaby, British Colombia very soon.

Of course there were hot rods on the salt flats too!

Speed Week 2010, Bonneville Salt Flats, hot rod

Sticking with the unusual engines, here’s a 270 GMC inline six powering the “Bonnevillians” pickup. I snuck this gnarly rat rod and this totally sano, one owner 1963 Galaxie off to the side and shot’m up. You’ll have to wait for those pictures, too.

Speed Week 2010, Bonneville Salt Flats, hot rod

Let me wrap up Saturday’s pictures with 2 rookies to Bonneville salt.

Speed Week 2010, Bonneville Salt Flats, hot rod

This is my buddy Kevin. We switched off driving the not-so-nimble RV and “Bonnie” my 1927 Roadster. Kevin’s smile matched the one I saw on the face of David Stranchan when we found the 932 B/STR Street Roadster after making the very last run of the day on the short course.

Speed Week 2010, Bonneville Salt Flats, roadster

David’s a rookie, the first of the “My 3 Sons” racing team to make a pass and new salt addict after qualifying at 130 mph and change. The plan is for dad, Dan and the other two sons, Jeamie and Jeff Strachan to all drive the car this week before returning to Moville, Iowa.  Good luck guys!

I’ve still got video, and tons more pictures to come. Please check back as we get everything posted as soon as we can. While you wait, check out our Everything Bonneville Salt Flats post.

If you have a special request, let us know in a comment below!

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