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If you don’t like free stuff. Stop reading now.

I’ve posted some how-to articles from the Lincoln Electric website in the past and since then have kept in touch with the well known welding brand. Lincoln even included at tiny back in 1997 in their iWeld newsletter when we barely had any content.  (Sure wish they’d do that again!)

So now, Lincoln has asked to make sure these brand new Viking welding helmets go to deserving members. So how do you get one? (If you don’t want one, this might not be the right website for you!)

How to WIN one of these welding helmets:

  • Members Only. If you haven’t signed up, click here to sign up now
    • Members must have an avatar in their garage. (it’s easy, just click on it!)
  • Maybe that’s enough rules.

Write a welding tip and leave it as a comment below.  My Ride is Me is a community. Car people, in my experience are a friendly bunch and willing to lend a hand. Do that now and get some new gear!

Ideas for Welding Tips:Lincoln Helmets for free - member hot rod community

  • Tips or tricks you’ve learned
  • Fables: Stuff you’ve heard that you know isn’t true about welding
  • Welding horror stories (stuff to avoid)
  • Your welding project, especially your hot rod, custom car or race car
  • Not an expert welder (me either!) or just got a welder?
    • Tell us how you picked your welder
    • How will you learn to weld
    • Show us why you bought a welder… What will you use it for?
  • Surprise us!

I guess you could say, write something about welding that’ll help another member and you’ve entered to win the helmet.  Any kind of welding is OK too… MIG, TIG or gas or whatever you’re good at, write it down.

Advice to win:

  • Write a little and take a picture. Make it easy on yourself!
  • Include a picture or pictures. Did I say to include a picture?
  • Easy to understand is KEY. Bullets and lists are easy to read and retain.
  • Use your own words. If I copy a phrase from your story and paste it into Google, I shouldn’t find an exact match.

When: The first of the 3 helmets (your choice of the 3 above) will go out the 1st week of April 2010. Submit your article as a comment below this story. Or, you can email it to admin at (replace the at with “@”) no later than March 26th.

Some time in March, we’ll let you know how to win the other 2 helmets and probably the Optima battery we’ll give away EVERY MONTH starting in March.  Have you signed up yet?

Any questions? Post them here! (you don’t have to be a member to leave a comment)

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