On Fire – John Melvin’s True Flamed 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

True flames, House of Kolor, 22s, Silverado

The name John Melvin may not quite be a household name, but that depends a little bit on what kind of circles you run in. Performance junkies know that John is famous for building a killer Supercharged Silverado SS; one that set records just a few years ago. But while he was building that black-and-silver supercharged terror, he also was working on this 2005 crew cab Chevrolet Silverado. This gave him a duo of amazing trucks, both featured here at MyRideisMe.com.

Iron Cross, True flames, Orange, Billet

Let’s start with the crew cab, a truck that also isn’t a slouch in the performance world. When we first found it, the truck needed only an interior to get to the upper level. The taillights were shaved, the true-fire flames on the front were painted, and from the outside, the truck was complete.

Katzkin, leather, painted dash, gauges

At the time, John owned a crew cab dually, but he was losing interest in it, so he traded it off at the dealership for a crew cab 4X4. Now he had two crew cabs, and two different interior colors, so he decided to make the swap and give his orange one a little classier look. After he called to say his Katzkin kit was on order, a photo shoot was lined up and things seemed to be moving forward.

Vortech, Supercharger, airbrushed, orange

Before that shoot could happen, another call came. “Hey, I got a supercharger. I’m going to put it on and get it all handled, then we’ll shoot it.” Nothing is simple though for John. Instead of just slapping the Vortech supercharger in the truck, he went the extra mile and airbrushed all of the plastic pieces under the hood silver with a rusted rivet look to match the iron cross on the hood. Everywhere from the valve covers on up was painted by John at his shop, JM Custom Concepts in Laveen, Arizona. Then the whole kit, painted up and pretty, was expertly installed by Kevin and Scott at Bartling Motorsports in Queen Creek, Arizona.

Vortech, supercharger, airbrushed rivets, 6.0l, V8

It may have taken some time, but in the end, John put out yet another high quality ride. Since this truck was finished, he’s built quite a few in the meantime, and also painted a few other magazine-worthy rides as well. But if you think this truck is hot, make sure you check out John’s silver and black supercharge terror.

Crew cab, Chevy, Painted handles, Cowl hood

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