Pinup Photographer Mitzi at work in Arizona

Pinup photographer Mitzi and model Marissa LynnTurns out pinup photographer Mitzi from Mitzi & Co is a St. Louis Rams fan. That’s great for me for a couple reasons: The Cardinals whooped the Rams here in Arizona and Mitzi’s coming to town!

I’m a hack pinup photographer. Who am I kidding, I’m a hack photographer, but I’m trying. That’s why I was jazzed when I got a chance to meet Mitzi again and see her working. I also helped out getting my buddy Erock to bring his traditional styled 34 pickup down for the shoot. I wanted to use Bonnie, my 27 roadster, but she had other plans (damn webers!).

Hot rod and pinup DVD

Hot Rod and Pinup DVD at Mitzi's online store

Mitzi on the other hand is a pro. In stead of seeing the, “Work it, yes YES, oh you sexy bitch!” style of Austin Powers, Mitzi was super calm and professional. She shot slowly and purposefully and I could tell the girls were comfortable and having a good time with their “Pinup for a Day” photo shoot.

Here are a few of the shots taken outside Mitzi’s buddy Adam’s Electric Haven Tatoo/High Life Pomade shop in Tempe, AZ. Adam’s also a member and has posted a few more shots of his Chevy 210 he calls “Shirly”

See all of Chez’s pinup pictures here and then check out Marissa Lynn here.

Thank you Mitzi and thank you ladies for a great experience. Next time, let me hold the camera a while!

Pinup model Chez

Che'z said: "Well, headin out to Az. was one of my best ideas and I love doing Pinup , so I exchanged times and info with Mitzi and she made the trip worth it, the shoot, the rides, the people were all amazing!! Oh yea, the desert was incredible too!"

Marissa Lynn said: "This was my first pinup shoot and luckily I got to experience it with such a laid back, professional photographer. Liz did an amazing job with hair and makeup and the overall look came out stunning. Mitzi is amazing and I am looking forward to working with her again!!