Pullin Lines #1: New Pinstriping Picture Gallery

Pinstriping Art: Pinstriping on the hoodYou can’t shake a stick at a hot rod or custom car show or here in the custom garages at MyRideisMe.com without seeing some pinstriping. We added a “Hot Rods and Pinups” gallery cause everyone likes the sexy vintage styled girls… The same kind of thinking made me add a Pinstriping Gallery. It’s just a good fit.

The gallery is LOADED with pictures. Well, not really, there’s only the pictures from the Viva Las Vegas car show, put there’s alot from that show. VLV’s the kind of show where I’d say 80-90% of the cars have custom pinstripes.

Here’s just a few of the pictures in the gallery:

Pinstriping Art: Pinstriping & Scallops on the hood

To make the pinstriping gallery happen, we’ll be shooting detailed photos of pinstripes at the shows and races we cover in the Event gallery and more importantly featuring pinstripe artist that are making their living pulling lines all over the country. Look for a story on Von Hot Rod and also my buddy Charlie the “One Arm Bandit”. Charlie’s also got a great community similar to us at Hot Rod Revival. Check it out!

With the pinstripes on hoods, trunks and dashes, I’m also looking for: custom lettering, flames and murals or characatures that you see on race cars and theme cars at shows. Basically, if it’s painted by a pinstripe artist or pinstriping art, I’ll grab it and bring it to you in a blog and in the gallery.

So if you’re a pinstripe artist and you wander over to MyRideisMe.com and this story, drop us a line: moc.emsiedirymnull@srepirtsnip to let us know we can run your short bio and pics of your work in a blog that links to a big’ole gallery. I’ll link to your homepage or let folks know what show’s you’ll be at to return the favor. Sound good? Let us know! Is this the kind of thing you want to see?? “Pikesan, you’re freak’n crazy!” Whatever, let us know…