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Tim Strange’s Hot Rod Reality TV with a Heart


If you’ll be missing time in the garage watching TV, let’s hope that at least it’s something good. I caught up with Tim Strange, the newest host on Powerblock TV to learn about his new show called “Search and Restore”. It sounds just a little “Overhaulin” like where people who could use a break get one in the form of a restored, or more like customized, car. I know Tim will kill this, so I asked him to help us understand why we should watch…


UPDATE: (12/16/13) The show doesn’t seem to be accepting applications… I couldn’t find a place to submit them. And Tim Strange isn’t the host anymore. BUMMER! I hope to do a follow-up story on what happened.


hot rod tv, real hot rod builder, hot rod reality TV With the bad taste in my mouth from an Arizona based “reality” show about restoring cars called, “Desert Car Kings” it’s easy to think… Not another car reality show! How’s your show different?


Search and Restore’s not really a cheesy dumb “reality” show, I hate to see hot rod and motorcycle guys played out in poor light…ya know like TV has been doing for years… only a couple shows have ever got it right. I hate forced drama, I have only made it through about 15 minutes of that desert show as well as the 72 hour show… funny I got a call to do one episode of the 72 hour show but I thought it was a joke, and now I see it… it is!

The show I’m doing is real family hardship stories and some feel good stuff. The only bad thing with that is the car building sometimes take a back seat. I know I have seen the cuts of the first 2 shows and was a little surprised on what I call, “Important hot rod building” stuff that got cut to the editing room floor… a couple all nighters of work just gone.


Will you have any guest builders that either A) have no talent and make you want to kill them or B) spontaneously break into tears?


I get to approve of the guest builders and can get them lined up a little. As I type this we’re about into 7th episode and I don’t think I have made anyone cry yet! I don’t think… Yes I require hard, consistent and awesome work. I’ll also say I was a little worried about it as the other hosts from the Power Block shows also help and co-host and help build, but most have surprised me with quality and work, Tommy Boshes really stepped up on the first build we did.


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hot rod, Tim Strange,custom car
Tim Strange in front of “Resilience” an amazing Kustom built by Tim with design by our buddy Brian from (see the picture below)


I dig what you said about helping people and touching people’s lives or helping them rebound… Why is that important to you? (Was there some specific reason or experience that make you feel that way?)


It is cool to be able to build a project to make people forget a little about the bad stuff in thier lives, or maybe help give them and little positive outlook on the world. Ya know, I’ve built many high end hot rods for people… Some get so wrapped up in awards and exposure they sometimes don’t really seem to enjoy the car. This is a little different. I can’t really talk about the shows till they air, but the first build (each build gets 4 half hour shows) was amazing to do, tons of hard work, but what a payoff!


* When you reveal the cars to the owners, are you gonna cry?


I can’t guarantee anything… LOL Some people might when they watch it though, some very cool stuff.



5 words or less, why should we watch?

Real people building real cars

buick,1952 Buick,custom car,lead sled

Make sure to tune in to Search and Restore on May 7th, Spike TV for a back to back episode debut featuring a 67 Nova. Or go to the Search and Restore homepage to see whatcha missed.

To learn more about Tim Strange hot rod building, go to Strange Motion Rod and Custom and he’s got a “Strange Words” newsletter that covers the shop and a little about the show.

Finally, Tim’s a member here at Check out his garage for more builds: Strange Motion garage

Good luck Tim!


Thanks everyone for your many comments below. Please keep in mind…

I can NOT help you get on the show!


Please contact Search and Restore directly.