SEMA 2012 Best Product #7 – Early Bronco Rust Solved

New Ford Bronco Sheetmetal at SEMA 2012

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I’ve always been a fan of early Ford Broncos. It’s got rough, rugged lines to go with it’s four wheel drive ability and performance thanks to Ford V8 performance. My buddies got one sitting next to his 1965 Mustang fastback for off-roading with his sons.  That sounds like fun.

So maybe like you, I scan for deals on Broncos online. When I do, it seems like in any Craigslist ad, I hear the same thing… “no rust” or “uncut”. Then, the pictures show a tattered rig with it’s best days on the range long gone.

So when I saw this completely new, ready  to bolt on set up from Dynacorn, I knew some hardcore Bronco folks would be into it. Dynacorn makes new body panels for a bunch of  popular muscle cars like the Mustang, Camaro, Nova and now the Bronco. Hope this saves some of those old 4-wheelers from the scrap heap.

Am I right?

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