SEMA 2012 Kick off – Your Guide to Everything SEMA

Best and Worst of SEMA 2012

Sema show, sema 2012, ford mustang drift

In many ways, the picture above symbolically tells the SEMA show story… Especially the last day.

I shot this Ford Mustang giving one lucky passenger the ride of their lives! Maybe, like the passenger, there was a little bit of, “Damn! I’m glad it’s over!” I’ve spun around, everywhere, my head’s a smoky haze of friends, new and old connections and feet-tires worn out to the belts! Yet I know… like every year… come next November, I’ll be ready to do it again! It’s SEMA!

What is the SEMA Show?

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know… but for those of you stumbling onto this page from a Google image search, let me explain: SEMA’s nearly everyone and everything automotive on the planet jammed wall to wall, believe it or not, into the 3.2 million square feet of the Las Vegas convention center. It’s massive! All mixed together, you’ve got nearly every car and truck represented. You’ll find OEM’s like Ford and Chevy with their custom creations and new models mixed in with the best custom car builders like Chip Foose, Steve Strope and Troy Trepanier. Then finally, every trick part for those custom cars, every wild new gadget and yep… every piece of crap nobody really needs for their car – It’s all at SEMA.

I’ll use this post as a “Table of Contents” of sorts for everything we saw at SEMA. Come back soon, we’ll update it with more stores as we write’m.

Coolest Rides at SEMA Show

1932 Ford Roadster -Gold and White Blown Coyote

1963 Ford Galaxie by Holman Moody – Fireball’s Old Ride

1968 Cadillac Custom No-Paint Needed

Exotic, Suede and Flat on Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche

ICON 1965 Dodge D200 Crew Cab

Galpin Auto Sports “Galpinized” Ford Mustangs and More

SEMA Show, custom cadillac, sema show car

sema show, sema show car, custom cadillac(Click to see any picture full size)

Coolest rides, like this one! SEMA has mild to wild covered. If you don’t want to roll this Cadillac Limo to your prom or wedding, you ain’t right! Built by Fuller Hot Rods in Atlanta, she’s called the “Thundertaker”. Starting out as a 1960 Superior Coach hearse, the Fuller guys  custom made everything from the front doors back, then jammed in a ZZ454. See more of Fuller Hot Rods at their home page.

Well publish our favorite rides here with details to go with.  Got more to say on any ride? Leave a comment!

Just one more for now:

sema show, sema show car, hot rod falcon

This is Bob Ream’s new toy, an altered wheelbase (14″ to be exact) nose high, attitude even higher, 1964 Ford Falcon gasser. Love this car! Look for a feature later cause Bob’s in Arizona with me. I’m going for a ride!

Best New Products at SEMA Show

Early Ford Bronco Rusty and “Cut” Sheetmetal Solution

sema show, sema hot rod, sema new products

With every car fanatic there, the SEMA show’s got the best of the best and everything new (well almost, more on that later).

Edelbrock brought out their new E-Force Supercharger. This trick looking nostalgic piece has the heart of new technology with the soul of a vintage drag racer! Inside the polished, traditional blower housing are modern Eaton rotors used in their other E-Force products for efficiency and performance. Cleverly hide their air-to-water intercooler underneath like what’s shown on this small block Chevy and you’ve got new-stalgic hot rod performance covered!

More great new products from the SEMA Show coming soon.

The Coolest at SEMA Show

Coolest Custom Paint at the SEMA Show

Best Wheel at the SEMA Show: One Off Custom on a 1951 Mercury

sema show cars, shelby cobra prototype, sema show

As you know, we lost Carroll Shelby this year so this is probably the first show in many years without him. His fab shop and museum (another fun story on the way!) are right in Las Vegas, and as a true “car guy” his whole life, SEMA’d be a must!

Shown here as our first “Coolest at SEMA” is this 1962 Shelby Cobra prototype. As CSX2000, you’re looking at the very first AC Shelby Cobra built. This is the car Shelby used to, in essence, trick the car world into thinking he had a fleet of Cobras ready to deliver, but in fact… it was this car, repainted after each media appearance!  Keeping it original, un-restored means everything to me. This is legend.

More of the coolest coming…

What Sucked at SEMA Show

Don’t Copy – It Ain’t Cool

sema show, worst of sema, sema sucked

Call it good vs. evil or maybe just the natural balance, but when there’s great, sucks isn’t far behind. How wrong is this? For the record, this wan’t the only “bedazzled” car part at SEMA. Like Cesar Millan would say, “Tzcht!” (That’s a no!)

More of what sucked at SEMA coming too! (why stop now?)

So Stay Tuned!

That’s it for now, but I’ll be writing for days! Great SEMA cars, great products and some that aren’t, but that’s what makes SEMA great. Agree or not, we’d love to hear from  you in a comment below.

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