SEMA 2012 – Cool Rides #3 – No Paint Custom Caddy

1968 Cadillac Coupe de Ville at SEMA 2012

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Ever heard the saying, “A postman doesn’t go for a walk on his day off”?

Well, the owner of this 1968 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, Tim Johnson, is a painter by trade.  Tim’s Caddy is a three year build. The long road to SEMA started in early 2010 when his soon-to-be wife Jacquelyn (he wisely married her 2 year ago) picked it up for him as a gift. He’s been driving it for the last couple years, dodging (unsuccessfully) rain, puddles, sprinklers and every other kind of moisture due to the bare metal finish. With so many thumbs up for the swirly finish, and cause the Caddy was in such good shape to start with… Finally, just two weeks before SEMA, Tim decided to clean it up one last time to leave it metal with clear. I’m glad he did.

metal finish, cadillac customs, 1968 cadillac

Don’t mistake this for any “Rat Rod”… The interior’s finished and tight, stitched up by his buddy Eric Hunsaker over at Advanced Mobile Electronics in Las Vegas. Then, to finish the exterior, the front and rear bumpers and trim are powder coated and she rides on air installed by Tim and his buddies. Barely visible in the back, but looking gangster in the front are Rocket Racing “Rocket Strike” Wheels and Coker white walls.  Keeping the inside ALSO waterproof, Steele Rubber supplied the soft parts.


I caught up with Tim, since we’re old buddies on Facebook, and he answered, why a Cadillac?

Cadillacs have always sat at the pinnacle of the American Auto Manufacturers as the car to have. They were big, elegant, and were the fore most leader in comfort, style, and advancement. I can’t just stop at one Cadillac. A 1949 Cadillac Sedanette sits at the top of my list as the Cadillac to own. However, I always loved the vertical stacked headlights on the 1968 Cadillac.

Tim’s got plans to tidy up the engine bay and finish off the trunk, but nothing that’s about it since… this is his daily driver. It’s the coolest Tim!

Tim’s 1968 Cadillac came from some pretty modest beginnings. Tim says she was an, “Ugly Betty”. Tim sent over these pics…

1968 cadillac, 1968 cadillac coupe deville1968 cadillac, 1968 cadillac coupe deville, unrestored cadillac

That’s not to say that she hasn’t looked good in the past… One weeks after purchase, Tim painted his Cad suede black with scallops and went with Supreme’s on pinner whites, this is great looking mild custom Cadillac. But… I don’t think the suede black would have landed him at the SEMA Show… do you? Five months later, it was back to metal.

cadillac customs, 1968 cadillac, low rider cadillac, suede paint

Tim wanted to thank Eric again for the interior, but also for stitching around all his buddies in the week-before-SEMA thrash that took place at his shop. He also better thank Jacquelyn (and let us know if she’s got sisters) for believing in him and this crazy hobby we all love.

We’ll be looking for your Sedanette Tim!

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