SEMA 2012 – Cool Rides #5 – Exotic, Hot and Suede

Ferrari, Lamborghini & Porsche Flat and Sexy

giovanna forged wheels, giovanna wheels, lamborghini black rims
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There’s a few booths at the SEMA Show you should never miss. One of them’s Giovanna’s. Much like last year, their booth is a vast expanse of white carpet frequented by fans of the brand, I’m sure, but primarily by folks looking to get close to the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and McLaren  exotics on hand. That’s why I was there!

Shown above is the Lamborghini Aventador LP900 “Molto Veloce” by DMC. Need to know more? Here’re the details on the DMC Molto Veloce Package. I got my first ride in a Lamborghini as part of the Optima Ultimate Street Car Shootout. More on that later, but it was an Underground Lamborghini Superleggera putting out 1500 HP on C116 racing gas.

OK, maybe I stopped in to say hello to the friendly booth girls too…

ferrari 458 spider, ferrari wheels, 	 ferrari f458, photos of a ferrari

Pictured here is the Ferrari F458 Spider. Exotic car, beautiful girl, how can you go wrong? Ferrari, Lambo’s and the like aren’t my area of expertise, so if they’re yours, check out GT Spirit at They added some detail on all these cars. Plus there’s tons more photos of Ferarri.

Much like in years past, most of these supercars are wearing flat or suede “paint”. I think they all had 3M made wraps applied, but still, nod to the hot rodders for getting the flat paint thing started. Right or wrong?


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