SEMA 2012 – This Sucks #11 – Copying Ain’t Cool

Two Steering Wheels Separated at Birth

billet steering wheel, sema show

What do you think of this steering wheel? Dig it? It’s a Billet Specialties designed and manufactured wheel they call, “Draft”. More info on this steering wheel here.

I stopped in Billet Specialties’ booth at SEMA to chat with new friend Scott Sandoval and see what new products they had. I’ve been a fan of their wheels for a while after I used a set of their wheels a Mind-Only build of my 1961 Rambler wagon. That’s another story…

To my surprise, Scott said they didn’t have many new designs, especially wheels, on hand because folks were stealing their designs as soon as they were shown at SEMA. I said, “Really??!” Still riled from one of the copy-cat’s dudes strolling right into the booth to grab this year’s new catalog, Scott directed me to another vendor at SEMA where I took this photo:

copied steering wheel

With the fella in this booth staring at me, I grabbed this shot and compared, at the time by memory, to the Billet Specialties wheel. While not an EXACT copy, I have to agree with Scott, this design looks way-WAY too similar to the Draft design.

How much of this goes on before best new designs and innovations are held out of the SEMA show?

For that, Ningbo Henri – YOU SUCK.

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