SEMA 2012 – Coolest #6 – Best Wheels

Custom One Off Wheels at SEMA 2012

one off wheels, complete custom wheels, mercury custom
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Let the debate begin! To me, this was the hottest wheel I saw and if there’s one thing more common then wheels at the SEMA Show, I don’t know what it is!

custom wheels, one off wheels, centerline custom wheels

So why is this my pick of SEMA?

  • They’re one of a kind, one off wheels – nobody else at the SEMA Show has these wheels (or ever will)
  • They’re on  on a bad ass car – 1951 Mercury Custom
  • Tons of thought, above and beyond selecting from a catalog, went into the design

Disagree? Cool. Do your thing, but dig this first…

Start with a fairly blank canvas: 20x 8.5″ Centerline Smoothies shown here. Then, let Max Fish, owner at Bio Kustumz hand- mill the wheels — that’s right, on a manual Bridgeport mill — to the design you see here. Max is a guy I gotta meet some day. His company slogan is, “We suck less” and he wears it proud in this video where a radiator hose coupling comes off his lathe.

Now Max wasn’t alone… He had help from my friend Brian Stupski over at Problem Child Kustoms. Brian’s a wizard with everything color and style and together, between Brian, Max and car owner, Jerry Horton (yea, the guy from Papa Roach) these custom wheels were born.

To show the thought put in, check out the sketches Brian did:
Mercury Custom, one off wheels, custom wheel design

That leaves just one more thing… the bad ass car. The one off wheels are on a 1951 Mercury customized by Max as well. It’s called “Reprise”. I should have some killer photos for ya… but I don’t. The ones I have were poo. The paint is so vibrant, the lights inside the convention center and/or my flash crushed the lines of this beautiful custom Merc. I couldn’t post them… But! If you’ve got some sunny glamour shots of the car, send’m over and I’ll insert here. (shoot me an email at moc.emsiedirymnull@nimda)

Until then, enjoy this hot rod artwork Problem Child Kustoms has in progress. I’ll update this pic too when Brian’s finished working his magic. (Lucky you… this rendering is a gift for Jerry Horton, but he, or anyone else,  hasn’t seen it yet!)

1951 Mercury, mercury custom, hot rod art

If you’re a fan of the wheels, fan of the car and of Bio Kustumz, then get the t-shirt to go with! Brian’s put his best onto a t-shirt too and you can pick it up here: Reprise Custom Mercury T-Shirt.

I’ve proven my point, right? Best wheels of the show!

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