SEMA 2012 – Cool Rides #9 – Retrobuilt 69 Mustang

1969  Boss 302 Mustang at SEMA 2012

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I’d guess, most people who walked by this 1969 Boss 302 Mustang didn’t know. It’s hard to see a mostly stock Mustang among the all-out custom cars at the SEMA Show. I get it. Me too. But you should take another look at the Retrobuilt 1969 Boss 302 Mustang. It’s a clone.


I don’t have a great love for clone cars. It’s difficult to get the proportions right (or even close) so they look just “off”. When I first saw Retrobuilt’s ‘stang, I was pleasantly surprised.


1969 Mustang Clone, boss 302 clone, shaker hood scoop, 1969 mustang replica


The 2005 and later Ford Mustangs are great performers and they look great. They’ve got semi-classic lines, but for some folks, they just miss. When the 1969 Mustang lines are what you really want, but you’re not ready to give up modern safety features like traction control and airbags, then the Retrobuilt Mustangs might be for you. Turn heads on an out-of-state cruise night with this glowing yellow Boss 302, then don’t sweat the trip back… Set the cruise control, tune in XM radio and relax! The extra couple hundred miles aren’t diminishing the value of a real Boss 302.


1969 Mustang Clone, boss 302 clone,1969 mustang replica


Making the Retrobuilt 1969 Mustangs is a process developed over hundreds of hours. To get this look, they replace the entire front end of the donor Mustang. From there, the doors, roof, rear quarters and trunk remain but have fiberglass panels laminated on top. Looking at this picture, you can see the extra thickness. Given what they put on and take off, the overall weight remains about the same, but you get Ford’s crash engineering the the doors. The details up front and back is where the look of the 69 Mustang comes in. The front and rear bumpers are replacements for a 1969 Mustang, but they’ve been widened 4″. (Funny, I would have guess the older Mustang was wider) The rest of the front and rear trim is custom and looks and fits well.


Retrobuilt offers four different 1969 Mustang packages:


  • 1969 Mustang Shelby GT 500CS Fastback
  •  1969 Mustang Shelby GT 500CS Convertible (shown in the pictures below)
  • 1969 GT Mustang Fastback (with a few mods it becomes the Boss 302 seen here)
  • Prototype 1969 Terlingua Race Car
The Shelby’s are officially licensed by Carroll Shelby.
So if you want the comfort, driveability and safety of a new Mustang, but need the great looks of the classic… Check out Retrobuilt then drop off your late model Mustang donor.