What Sucked at SEMA – Everything Wrong at SEMA 2010

SEMA 2010 Car Show Mistakes

SEMA 2010, Car show car, SEMA Trends, Las Vegas Car Show

In case you didn’t know, SEMA is a business convention or call it the biggest business meeting of everyone and everything that’s related to the automotive industry. Want to go? Sorry, can’t! SEMA is only open to SEMA Members and Automotive Industry Professionals like the guy above.

Welcome to “Wrong at SEMA 2010”. I managed to make it to most halls, save the entire floor of truck accessories, and see plenty that made me ask, “What the…” (Insert your own expletive.)

As I’m bashing SEMA trends and pointing out styles or designs that are OUT or just plain wrong, keep in mind that these are my opinions and as you know, “My Ride is Me” so opinions vary.  Feel free to chime in to agree or disagree… I dare you!

Rich Evans, Challenger, ugly design,SEMA 2010, car show car

The automotive design tragedy above is a creation from Rich Evans and was part of the Mopar/Dodge booth. The turn-table spinning this normally cool looking Challenger only added to the nausea. As it spun, I challenged myself to find the angle that showed all of it’s disastrous lines.  Here you go.  What’s worse: Those nasty wheels or the random swooshes all over the place? No, it’s the Batman-esque front and matching rear spoilers!

car LED lights,fail, custom dodge Challenger,SEMA 2010, car show car, car,led lights for carscar LED,custom dodge Challenger,SEMA 2010 mistakes, car show car, car led lights


Like I said, Challengers are normally right in the running with the new Mustangs and Camaros as throw-back designs that totally work. However, LEDs, almost anywhere but in the headlights, taillights or turn signals can turn a great looking car into overdone PT Cruiser diarrhea. All that’s missing on this thing is a decklid filling mural of a landscape or nursery rhyme scene. Please don’t do this to your Challenger! (Click to see each picture in full glory)

car LED light, SEMA 2010, Car show car, SEMA fail, Las Vegas Car Show, car LED

Nothing to see here. Just keep moving. I’m gonna guess these guys won’t be advertising at MyRideisMe.com?

corvette kit, corvette body kit, corvette kit cars, SEMA 2010, Car show car, SEMA fail, Las Vegas Car Show

I like old Corvettes, I like new ones too. New ones made to look old are wrong. The proportions make the legendary Vette look awkward and just fake. If you’ve got the money for a new Corvette and this new to old Corvette body kit, why not just buy an old Corvette and restore it?

Color Changing paint, color changing car paint, color change paint, sema 2010, car show car

Never liked it, never will, but it’s still kickin around at SEMA. The cupholder’s filled with chewable Dramamine. Polarized sun glasses may be your only defense.

SEMA car show. 2010 las vegas car show, fail, airride truck, lowered truck

Are there good things about this truck? Yes. The talent shown in the paint is unquestionable and there certainly was alot of time and money put into this ride getting it ready for the SEMA car show (note the right hand drive), I get that. But… the overall execution to me was a fail, especially that ugly hood scoop! A little bit of “mild” in a this custom would have gone a long way.

sema 2010, car show car, Ford Maverick, custom car

Now hold on! A Ford Maverick at SEMA? This is either totally wrong or fantastic in a “dare to be different” kind of way.  A close look at this Ford Maverick and you’ll see some serious race-ready tricks. Four wheel discs, roll bar, racing harness and an entire dash full of gauges. Well executed, but if it’s not wrong for SEMA, it’s definitely unusual. Throw in an turbocharged inline six cylinder with an aluminum head and I give two thumbs up! Anyone have any info about this car?

So that’s it. Wrong from SEMA, SEMA Trend Fail, whatever. The bad and the ugly in my eyes. Agree or not, let us know!

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