“Custom” PT Cruisers – Dude. Really?

PT Cruisers – Way Over Done

So far, MyRideisMe.com has resisted the occasional urge to say anything negative about anyone else’s ride. After all, to each his own and all that. But, in the words of Clint Eastwood, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” And I hit mine at the 2009 Cruisin for a Cure show in Orange County with the PT Cruiser club that rolled as the fog still hung low early in the morning.

Love’m or hate’m, (you can say which at the end of this story) the PT Cruiser came on the scene 2000 and were immediately popular as one of the first of many, “throw back” cars.  No doubt the Chrysler company wanted to spring board off the relative success, or at least show room traffic, of the Plymouth Prowler.  The story about how it was a “light truck” to help the Dodge boys meet CAFE compliance is another, boring story… With the PT Cruiser, however, Chrysler clearly targeted the main stream, family buyers in the minivan market Chrysler invented.  I wonder how surprised they were by the following they found with PT Cruiser, even now when in July 2009, the last PT Cruiser rolled off the assembly line.

At some point in a PT Cruiser owner’s life, they need some kind of intervention. Enough is enough! With the money they’ve spend to add every piece Pep Boy’s offers, they could have had a real 30’s Panel truck, not a wannabe throw back.

Finally, when every accessory is in place, painted or chromed for effect, then highlighted by some flickering light or mirror, it gets worse! The only thing left is custom painted murals! YES!!

So what happened that Foggy morning?

I’ve got the power!

Neon as an accent to the bottom of anyone’s ride enjoyed about 1 week of being cool, and never had a place as an accent except in a Christmas parade. Seeing the faint glow through the fog in September at what I expected to be an awesome California car show, I immediately investigated.

Rolling in 2, 3, 5 at a time, the first of the line were these two neon covered, flickering style violations. I struggle how to describe them because they hold several of the qualities a show car might have. They were clean, detailed and the owners were obviously enthusiastic since they arrive to claim the prime PT Parking spots at about 6 AM. From there, it went all wrong.

PT Cruisers gone so wrong! The Neon!
It’s hard to see that the pinstripe flamed but stock colored PT Cruiser shown above has just about every removable part on the inside and on the engine painted either florescent purple or green. The owner proudly pumped Snap’s “I’ve Got the Power!” on the custom stereo. It got worse.

PT Cruisers gone so wrong! The Neon Glowing in the morning
Only slightly out neoned, but still a gross offender, this also stock except for the wheels PT Cruiser used bolt on or maybe glue on accessories to make it “custom”. Really?

PT Cruisers gone so wrong! Worst offender
Keeping with the mural theme, the “Lil’ Red” PT was disturbing on so many levels. You can just catch the custom add on spot light above the faux Buick port holes out done only by the fake Walmart spinners and skinny whites. I could have let all that go except for plain wrong gigantic mural of the big bad wolf in bed with Little Red Riding hood at his side. What the heck is that?

PT Cruisers gone so wrong! Very wrong mural painting
I guess the owner of this PT is into trains. Right on. I like trains, but I wouldn’t paint a huge mural of one on the side of my car. Is this some kind of theme? Do those wheels say, “train” to you or does the classic locomotive color of maroon? How about the chrome wheels? Dude, I don’t get it.

I wish I had video, but by now you’ll believe me about the absolute worst offense. The hopped up, lopey V8 engine idle plumbed through speakers from the back for all to hear. Did that guy say, “Now that puts the Cruizzz in PT Cruiser!”? Is there anything more lame? Or you tell me, was the actual, functioning waterfall worse? Yes WATERFALL! The Tiki themed PT had that “flowing” for his ride. Did anyone get a picture of that?

I don’t hate the general look although they’re not for me, but these PT’s went too far. Am I right?

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