The Real “Silver Bullet” – 2007 Woodward Cruise

As I was walking down Woodward Ave it was impossible to miss the Chrysler show at 13 mile. Chrysler hand picked the cars to help show off the new Challenger. Hemi fans were in HEAVEN, but there was one car that caught my eye. Here’s the banner that stood overhead:

Silver Bullet, gtx, woodward street racing

Looks interesting, so I talked to Harold Sullivan, the owner. He told me the car’s history. Way back when, this 1968 Plymouth Belvedere GTX was a 440 car doing R&D duty for Chrysler. Not leaving well enough alone, the car was fitted with a 487 ci Hemi with extremely rare A-990 aluminum heads by the infamous Jimmy Addison. Jimmy was known to be a good driver and a street racer, but most importantly, an innovator. He drove this legitimate 10 second beast on the street using tricks like four Cadillac mufflers to keep things quiet. As the “King” of Woodward Ave. Harold claims the car was never beaten. Here’s the car at the Chrysler display:

The Silver Bullet Plymouth GTX, woodward cruise, woodward street racing

So I continued my walk down Woodward where I found, “The Original Bullet” 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX. Here’s what I saw:

Original Bullet

Right down to the American flags, Manuel Karcho built “The Original Bullet” that had terrorized Woodward with Jimmy Addison behind the wheel. So, I had to ask… Here’s the story Manuel told me:

Many years ago, somewhere around 1975, a friend that didn’t know much about cars sold Manuel the powertrain for another project he had going. That project stalled, so the big Hemi sat in storage. The Woodward Cruise started and the legend of the Silver Bullet grew until Manuel heard about it and about how much money the car was making in promotions. Manuel then approached Harold and told him about the Hemi he had and said that if you want EVERYTHING, just as it was, you need the engine I have. According to Manuel, Harold brushed him off and was pretty rude. A new project, Manuel’s Bullet, was born from that conversation. Manuel’s 67 GTX is built as a replica of the car he stripped for the engine years ago.

Here’s what I heard from Manuel: I have the original Engine from the Bullet built by Jimmy Addison in my car making it the twin of Harold’s car. To be sure, Manuel told me about a compression dropping trick found on the Hemi using an allen screw. Jimmy was tricky! Manuel told me that Harold’s car is the original body.

Here’s what I heard from Harold: “I have the original car.” Harold says he’s got everything just as it was and that Manuel “claims to have one of the original engines.” Further more, the car was NEVER beaten in a street race at Woodward.

I also heard: Rob Jones from Florida did some work on Harold’s Bullet and confirms it’s NOT the original engine. I also heard from passer-by’s that Larry Turner and a Camaro driven by Steve Mare had beaten Jimmy’s Silver Bullet. It seemed like everyone who walked by had something to say about the Silver Bullet!

So what do you think? What makes the car “real”? Somebody’s not telling the whole truth. Anybody got any proof?
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