Top 10 Ways to Fail at an Arizona Car Show

Arizona Car show photos - Scottsdale Goodguys Pavillions
This is how you do a car show! Complain as you might for a big annual show like Goodguys: the cost, the crowds, the waiting to get out when it’s all over, but that’s still a bigtime show and one I look forward to every year.

Compare that to this past weekend’s show at Beaudry RV put on by Roddin’ and Racin’s Jerry Hutchcroft. I did not attend the show, but I got a first hand account of what went on, and bottom line is: That’s a great example of how NOT to put on a car show.

Top 10 Ways to Fail at an Arizona Car Show:

#10: Don’t supply the advertised “Cruise Lane”

#9: Don’t put on the much anticipated and always fun Burn-out or engine “Rev-Up” contest

#8: Have a goodie bag filled with a small box of Tic-Tacs and a pen that doesn’t work

#7: Have poor facilities planning: Not enough garbage cans, a weak PA system and no as advertised preferred parking area

#6: Don’t have any car show class voting and trophies as advertised

#5: See “NEVER less than 20-30 cars backed up line” that at times were, “backed up all the way to the freeway” and don’t make a change to get people in quicker

#4: Show up late to your own car show when you advertised the gates would open at 6:30AM

#3: Dont’ supply a dash plaque, t-shirt or anything at all for the early registration, “Bonus Package”

#2: Advertise and collect pre-entries for a 2 day show, then change it to a 1 day show.

#1: Make a lame apology on your website claiming, “I didn’t know” the event would be so successful as the reason why it failed.

Giving some credit, this was a show for charity, although I haven’t heard how much they donated.  In addition, there were a reported 200 men that took advantage of the free  and the very important PSA screening for prostate cancer. (Get checked! I did at the Orange County “Crusin for a Cure” show)

But come on Jerry. The people who attended your show read your magazine and watch your TV show and have done so for years. The show you delivered for the $25 or $35 registration fee sounds like it was worse than the totally free, weekly Scottsdale Pavilions show.

Car show promoters and organizers, please listen: It’s the cars and the people driving them that make a show. Take care of them or they won’t be back.

How’d it go so wrong Jerry? I welcome your comments as well as any rants and any possible raves from people who attended the show. Anything I said not completely true? Let me know…