2010 Carlisle Truck Nationals Pictures

Carlisle Car Show: 2010 Truck Nationals

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The 2010 Carlisle Truck Nationals was, once again, a great event and MyRideisMe.com was there to enjoy the show. Truck enthusiasts from around the country were there competing for trophies and just to hang out with like-minded individuals. There was something for everyone including sky-high monster trucks all the way to frame laying minis.

Carlisle Truck Nationals Vietnam Gun Truck

One of the highlights of the show was a display of Vietnam Gun Trucks from the reunion of Vietnam-era U.S. Army Transportation Veterans who were in Carlisle for their meeting known as “The Gathering.” All of the vehicles present looked very impressive with their machine guns mounted up high.

Ford F150 Freedom Truck

As a different form of tribute to our soldiers, Malibu Customz had their 2009 Ford F-150 truck that they call the “Freedom Truck” on display. This spectacular truck was airbrushed by Mickey Harris and depicted scenes from all the U.S. military branches.

George and Corey Green's 1936 Plymouth Rat Rod Truck

Over in Building Y, Dan Little organized a group of Rat Rodders to fill the entire building with all sorts of creative rides. Some people have an issue with the term “rat rod” but not George and Corey Green. Their entire 1936 Plymouth was covered in rats of all types. They even had the term displayed proudly up front on their bumper for the entire world to see.

Rat Rod Shotgun Shifter

Rat Rodders are definitely a creative bunch. What do you think about a real shotgun shifter? Hope it isn’t loaded.

Lifted Mini Van

Speaking of dangerous, if I saw a soccer mom rolling down the highway in this lifted mini van I think I would make a bee-line to the nearest exit. This driver actually needed a six foot tall step later just to get into the van.

Truck Nationals Rock Crawling Demo

Over at the topside of Carlisle Event’s 100-acre facility, the members of Rausch Creek Off Road Park were showing off on the rock crawling course that was built for the event. There were Jeeps, trucks, and rock buggies taking turns all day.


Diesel trucks can make gobs of power and the air near the dyno booth was constantly filled with black smoke as these beasts competed for bragging rights.

1974 Chevy Van, custom van, lace paint

We ducked back inside briefly to escape the blazing afternoon sun. Actually, for a mid-August day the temperatures were perfect and the humidity was bearable. Inside, we found Scott Kauffman’s 1974 Chevy van called “Emerald Express.” I was really digging all the green lace paint.

Truck Nationals Virginia Giant

Would you like to go for a ride in a monster truck? Every year the Virginia Giant returns to allow passengers to “experience the power and car crushing action of a monster truck.”

I have a soft spot in my heart for all things truck. I guess much of it has to do with the fact that, being 6′ 5″, I don’t fit in too many cars comfortably. It may also be the reason why I own 3 trucks. So, do you own a truck? Is it lifted? Dropped? Stock?  Let us know, we would love to hear about it.

A few more photos are available in the Picture Gallery.